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Girl Meets World: What We Can’t Wait to See

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.


If you were a ‘90s kid, you were just as obsessed with Boy Meets World as the next melodramatic youngster. We find ourselves reminiscing about TV’s prime hit by turning on MTV in the morning to catch the show or by streaming our favorite episodes via the Internet. We still wish the show never ended so we could see Topanga and Cory canoodling and always hear that familiar theme song. But have no fear because everyone’s favorite childhood show is being resurrected, and a spin-off is being created!


Girl Meets World will feature Cory, Topanga and their 13-year-old daughter, Riley. Although Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have not confirmed they will be on the new show, they’ve hinted that they will reunite for the sake of the decade’s favorite couple. The Huffington Post reports that Lily Nicksay, Cory’s little sister, Morgan, is on board. Other than that, details are sparse, but here are the things that Her Campus Mizzou hopes to see.


  1. A reformed Feeny call

Fee-hee-heeeeenay! Not even Mr. Feeny could deny it. You know you loved the Feeny call. Our beloved principal and teacher may be in the new spin-off (it hasn’t been confirmed yet), but that doesn’t mean Eric or some other crazy character can’t call upon the favorite teacher any time, day or night, for whatever reason.

  1. Mr. Matthews as the new Mr. Feeny

Rumors are flying that Cory will be the new 7th grade teacher. Hopefully he’ll be a mix of the ultra hip Mr. Turner and the stern Feeny. Either way, we can guarantee that the writers will have some great embarrassing stories for Riley and her teacher father.

  1. Hilarious story lines with whole-hearted messages

We all have our favorite stories: Topanga returns to Philly from Pittsburg, Cory and Shawn dress as girls, the beloved threesome use Feeny’s house as a bed and breakfast, the wedding day and many more. No story was ever the same, and each episode made us fall in love with the cast over and over again. Maybe Riley will fall in love with the boy next door. Or maybe she’ll have to get her best friend, Maya, out of a few jams. Whatever the plot, we can only hope that they’ll bring just as many laughs.

  1. Cory and Shawn’s quintessential bromance

Remember when a girl forced Shawn to break up with Cory, yet they snuck around like a mischievous couple? Even though our favorite bro couple is all grown up, that doesn’t mean Shawn and Cory can’t keep the relationship going. The pair could probably teach Riley and Maya a few things about making friendships last through relationships, school and family woes.

  1. One-liners to quote forever

“Hello, buh bye. I am so at the mall.” “They want you to take the rolls!” “My hosiery is bunching.” And again, “Fee-hee-heeeenay!”


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Allison Goldberg is a junior at the University of Missouri double majoring in strategic communication journalism with an emphasis in PR and marketing and psychology. In Columbia, she is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha women's fraternity executive council and is a Rent the Runway campus rep. During her spare time you can find her shopping, spending time with her friends and family, running outside or reading a fashion magazine. Allison has interned at a social media firm, BCV Evolve in Chicago for the past two summers. She hopes to work for a fashion PR firm in Chicago or New York when she graduates and eventually travel to South America.