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Gift Ideas for a Sorority Little Sister or Bid Day Buddy

It is never too early to start planning gifts for your little sister or bid day buddy if you are in a sorority. Being responsible for giving gifts to a girl you might have just met can be overwhelming and stressful. Here is a list of presents you can get your new friend that she will love.

Magical Fam Tees – $26

These adorable light pink shirts go with almost anything and are perfect for any sorority family. You can get a shirt for any type of family member (even a GGGGBig), because they are custom. 

Custom Handmade Sorority Painting: Cowboy Hat – $20

This is a great gift to decorate any dorm room or apartment. The canvas is 8×10 and can be customized to any sorority. 

Custom Sorority and Fraternity Pin Box Set – $5

These metal boxes are sold in sets of two. You can personalize the clear box window to add Greek letters, mascot, founding year, colors or symbols. 

Embroidered Sorority Hat – $15.95+

Like all the others above, these handmade hats are also customizable to any sorority. The hats and threads come in an array of colors. These hats are distressed and vintage looking. 

Glitter Laser Cut Greek Letters and Numbers – $5.25 per letter

These Glittery and shiny Greek laser cut acrylic letters come in a variety of two layer colorways. You can match the colors with your sorority’s colors or your little’s favorite colors. There are multiple size options and will look great on any wall or table. 

Personalized Water Bottle – $10.62+

These water bottles are great for a sorority family because they can be personalized with any name. The water bottles have a 16 fl oz. capacity and can be used for both cold and hot liquids up to 175F.

Custom Greek Sorority Keychains – $3.99+

This website has a variety of different colors and styles. You can find almost any sorority with its Greek letters on it.

Personalized “Life is better with sisters” Mug – $11.16+

These mugs are completely customizable. They can have two or three people on them with their names and say “Life is better with sisters” with flowers on the front. You can customize the hair, skin color, pants, and shirts of the girls on the mug. 


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