Funniest Celebrities on Twitter

Twitter is filled with hilarious memes, one-hit wonder viral tweets and personal accounts, but nothing is more satisfying than discovering your favorite celeb has major Twitter game.  These celebrities have the best Twitter feeds hands down.

1. Chris Pratt 

Chris Pratt has it all: striking good looks, incredible acting skills and a super relatable sense of humor.  He clearly doesn't take himself too seriously, and we love him for that.  Also, can we just say, we will be lucky to someday have a marriage half as good as his and Anna Faris'. 

2. B.J. Novak

Fans of "The Office" remember B.J. as "Ryan," the guy who started as a temp, and boss Michael Scott never let him forget it.  In real life, Novak is a skilled comic, author and creator of The List App, a free app that allows users to create and share fun lists.  His wry sense of humor is on full display on his Twitter feed, where he often banters with fellow Office alum Mindy Kaling.


3. Chrissy Teigen

You can't mention celebrity Twitter without mentioning Teigen. You just can't. She keeps it realer than real, and her fans truly appreciate that. She's not afraid of clapping back at her haters, isn't too sappy and is potentially the most relatable celeb of all time.  


4. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan keeps it real when it comes to parenting.  He is known for his hilarious — and overly honest — tweets about parenting his young daughter.  While all his tweets are screaming with sarcasm, we do still hope he is a responsible parent in real life... 



5. Mindy Kaling 

Kaling is no stranger to keeping it real, and her hilarious Twitter feed is evidence that she is perfectly capable of telling slam-dunk jokes in 140 characters or less.  The actress, author and comedian is everyone's BFF online.


6. Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick's tweets are so relatable we almost feel like we are best friends with her.  She's like that friend you're jealous of because she just flat-out says what's on her mind.  Then you remember Anna is a celebrity who has no idea who you are and your idea of a "friendship" is just you retweeting all her fire jokes, and her never acknowledging your existence.




There are dozens of other incredibly amusing celebrity social media accounts, but nobody has the time to feature all of them.  Regardless, we encourage you to fall into a deep Twitter hole and find them out.