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Five Reasons Why it is Acceptable to Start Thinking About Christmas

I know, I know. It’s only early November. Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. But sometimes we can’t help wanting to turn on some Christmas tunes or start shopping for Christmas gifts. And you know what? That’s ok! It may seem taboo to start thinking about Christmas this far in advance, but it really is up to whatever each person is feeling. Here are a few reasons why being in the Christmas mood a little early is nothing to be ashamed of.

1. Thinking about it can get you in a better mood

There are times where we can be completely stressed out and worried, especially in college. But if you let yourself listen to a few songs early on then you can get a little happier. Just humming or singing along to the tunes can be a way to brighten your day.

2. It can give you something to look forward to

With tests, finals, and projects all coming at us at the same time, it can seem like it will never end. However, thinking about the holidays can get you excited for what’s to come. Then maybe you’ll be more motivated to finish all of your work.

3. You can plan ahead on what you want to do over break

Going to see Christmas lights, attending events and seeing family and friends is what we all enjoy around Christmas. If you get excited about Christmas ahead of time, then you can find the events you want to go to and put them on your calendar. 

4. If you get your Christmas shopping out of the way, you can spend your break relaxing

Shopping for gifts can be exciting but also stressful. If you think about it early and buy your gifts ahead of time, then you can save yourself the stress at the last minute. That way, you can use your break as a time to have fun and relax.

5. You can remember how special Christmas is in your heart

The holiday season of Christmas may be stressful for some, but it doesn’t need to be that way. If you remember the true meaning of Christmas, then it can make it much more enjoyable. And once you get in that mindset, then it becomes something that you can enjoy longer than just for a day or a week.

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