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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

The time has come for all college students. Game day. Whether you’re here for the tailgate, just interested in going to the after-move, or you’re actually excited for the game, you are going to need the perfect outfit for it. Sure, you can find a jersey, some jeans, and throw on a pair of beat up sneakers. However, why not elevate your fashion and make it cute? Here are five game day outfits to make a statement at the game.

1. School Colors

This option is our personal favorite. Rocking the school or team colors may seem simple, but that’s what makes it so genius. You might even already have the perfect pieces in your closet, so you won’t have to go out and buy anything new. As Mizzou students, we have it easy: who doesn’t own a little black dress?

2. Oversized Jersey

For this next fit, the centerpiece is an oversized jersey. Show how big your team spirit is with an oversized team jersey! Since it’s the main focus of the outfit, you can wear shorts underneath to really pull off the dress look. Dress it up with cowboy boots, or throw on some knee high socks and tennis shoes to complete the look.

3. DIY Outfits

Sometimes the best outfit is one that you can create yourself! Find any cute T-shirt and cut it into a crop top, or cut down the middle to tie in the front. You can also find an oversized tee and create a cute dress out of it! Dress up your creation with a jean jacket, some staple accessories and cute sneakers. You can also get real creative and decorate a pair of jeans or shorts however you like! Use iron-on letter patches to spice up your jeans, or paint your pair of shorts to show off your school spirit.

4. A Cute Dress

If you want to elevate your attire for game day to a new level, you can always go with a cute dress you have in your closet! You can also doll yourself up with accessories that go along with your school colors. A Black dress with yellow or gold earrings, necklaces and rings would be perfect for Mizzou students.

5. Cowboy Boots

One of our favorite phenomenons we’ve seen is the incorporation of cowboy boots in a simple outfit. This is mostly popular in the South, but many other schools have taken up on the cowboy boots. Pair them with a school mascot tank top and shorts, a cute romper, or with an oversized jersey.

There you have it! Now you’re ready cheer on your team, all while looking your best.

Samia Fouché is a junior at the University of Missouri studying Communication and minoring in Journalism. She plans to go into the sports industry. They love to write, watch baseball, listen to and discover new music, and watch movies. Not only are they involved in HerCampus, but she's also apart of countless organizations and exec boards at Mizzou, including NAACP and National Association of Black Journalists. Hailing from St. Louis, you can always find her showing support for the St. Louis Cardinals.