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As September rolls around, so do all of the dates that go along with it. Whether you’re taking a boy, girl, or a few friends, you are to have some fun on these.  

Go to a Corn Maze  

Getting lost in a whirlwind of green and yellow can be nostalgic. As you try to decipher where to go next, you can have a good conversation with whoever you bring.   

Drive down the road less traveled  

Here in Columbia, once you go ten minutes outside the city, there are miles of fields ahead. Check out the roads where trees cover the landscape. You’ll get to see changing leaves and maybe a cow or two.  


Paint some pottery  

  Paint a cute mug that you can use for all your apple ciders and hot coca. The Mud Room off of 9th street is the perfect place to go for you to create some art.  

Take photos 

Fall allows you to dress in your favorite sweaters and a pair of jeans. Use that opportunity to test out your camera and have some memories you’ll keep forever.   


Fall is what you make of it, so make this year is a good one. 

Katie Quinn

Mizzou '23

Hi! My name is Katie Quinn and I am a sophmore journalism student at Mizzou. I love to write, edit audio, and take pictures in my free time. I love to watch any and all reality tv, so if you ever want to talk about the Bachelor please let me know!