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Experiencing homecoming from a non-Greek perspective

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

Homecoming at Mizzou; a day full of tradition and football. But leading up to the big Saturday game is an incredible amount of work. Greek life at MU is an integral part of Homecoming and a big part of the experience. But going Greek is not the only way to have a great Homecoming.

With hours and hours of pomping (the process of rolling tissue paper into balls to decorate boards for house decorations), building floats for the parade on Saturday morning, choreographing for Fling (skits and dances presented by paired sororities and fraternities who perform for other Greek pairings and judges) and showing an incredible amount of school spirit, there’s no time to relax.

“The week before the game, I logged 25 hours of pomping,” said sophomore Emily Amick, member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. ”But I would do it all again.” 

But what is Homecoming for someone not in a sorority or fraternity? I’m here to tell you that it’s arguably just as fun. Although those of us not involved with Greek life aren’t nearly as busy, we still get to enjoy a lot of activities throughout the week.

On the Friday before the game, the paired sororities and fraternities display their house decorations and perform their skits that go along with the overall theme. This year, you can expect to see different cartoons around town as each Greek life pairings chose different childhood shows and scenes to display on their boards and on shop windows downtown.

Walking around Greek town and looking at house decorations on the Friday night before the game feels like one of those essential college experiences. Last year, I found myself wanting to rush during the spring semester just so I could experience it from the inside. But, having friends involved in Greek life allows me to see and appreciate all of the work put into Homecoming. Plus, nothing is better than watching the fraternity boys act and dance in the skits.

The following morning is the annual Homecoming parade where MU’s organizations march around campus and downtown. It’s a great opportunity to hear more about clubs and businesses in Columbia and will put you in the homecoming mood.

After that, it is time for tailgating – my favorite part. Hours before the game the tailgates start in Greek Town. Everyone is welcome to grab a drink, maybe a hotdog (or two) and get excited for the game.

Outside of Greek life, there are plenty of events to enjoy as well! Mizzou puts on some great activities like the “Almost Midnight Breakfast” outside of the Student Center for students to enjoy some delicious breakfast foods on the Thursday night of Homecoming week. Also, MU Improv puts on a Homecoming improv show at The Shack in the Student Center. So, expect lots of laughs and some great food for future Homecomings!

I hope that you all have an amazing Homecoming and have learned that you don’t need to be involved in Greek life to have fun. Homecoming is for everyone; current students and alumni alike, so immerse yourself in the fun traditions and experience this awesome weekend for yourself. Go Tigers!

Hi! I am a sophomore at Mizzou and I am studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Textile in Apparel Management. I love fashion, music, and all things creative. Still, my whole heart belongs to my cat, Finneas!!