Everything We Know So Far About Season 2 of '13 Reasons Why'

People have been speculating about whether there would be a second season of '13 Reasons Why' ever since the series hit Netflix on March 31.  The 13-episode miniseries garnered major buzz, quickly becoming the most talked about show on Twitter.  

Fans were left with several character and plot cliffhangers, and some viewers thought Hannah's story was finished and there was no need for more. Others, however, were begging to see what the future had in store for Clay and his fellow classmates.  Well, speculate no more, because the world is officially getting more 13 Reasons Why, and showrunner Brian Yorkey gave a sneak peek at what's in store.  

Here's everything we know about season 2 so far. 


1. We'll see other characters' perspectives on Hannah's story.  Hannah Baker will absolutely reappear in season 2, most likely through flashbacks told by various cast members.  This will be very interesting since the first season was seen almost entirely through Clay's eyes.

2. Jessica's healing will be a major storyline.  The first season of '13 Reasons Why' aimed to shed light on and not shy away from tough issues, and it looks like season 2 will aim to do the same.  In the season one finale, it seemed like Jessica was about to tell her dad about the rape, and season 2 will pick up with her healing and coming to terms with her sexual assault. 

3. There are no more tapes.  This is fantastic news because I don't think anyone could handle more tapes.  And watching another character's perspective on the original 13 tapes would just be silly and a waste of time. 

4. The show will get a new narrator.  It won't be Hannah.  Will it be Clay?

5. Season 2 won't be nearly as dark.  Showrunner Brian Yorkey has encouraged fans that while season 1 was rather dark, season 2 shines a light at the end of the tunnel and provides hope. 

6. Bryce might be brought to justice.  Netflix says Bryce will "hopefully get what's coming to him," so we can only hope that season 2 doesn't let Bryce off easy for his horrific assaults.   

7. Season 2 will focus on toxic masculinity.  How we raise boys to be men, and how society treats women and girls will be heavily explored in the upcoming season.  

No word yet on when exactly Season 2 will air, but we can expect more of Hannah Baker's story sometime in 2018.  While there are still countless questions to be asked about the other cliffhangers from season 1's finale, one question is by far the most important:  Will we see more of Jeff Atkins?