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Endzone Eye Candy: Super Bowl XLV Preview + Top 10 Cutest NFL Players

Mizzou football fans were bittersweet when the news broke Jan. 3 that junior quarterback Blaine Gabbert was elected to participate in the 2011 NFL draft. Yes, we’re all happy that he will represent Tiger pride in the big leagues. But I, for one, am sad that I no longer get to watch him make great plays … not to mention do a pretty good job of sporting that uniform. However, luckily for us, there are some Super Bowl cuties to look forward to at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 6 (as well as other NFL players in general) that will fill the gaping hole left by our beloved Gabbert.

A Superbowl Preview

From the Pittsburgh Steelers: Troy Polamalu
Yes, he has crazy-long hair — but it’s worth $1 million. Other brownie points for this all-star safety are his rockin’ bod, sweet smile, unfailing love for his wife (darn), prayer before every game, humbleness and piano and flower-planting hobbies.

From the Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers
This quarterback has got the whole grizzly mountain-man vibe going on — which a lot of ladies go for. Rodgers seems to grow more adorable and sweet the more you watch him — and his bulging biceps from throwing the pigskin don’t hurt either.

Honorable Mentions: Top 10

1. Reggie Bush, running back, New Orleans Saints
He’s talented and handsome, and he knows it. I can dig that.

2. Eric Decker, wide receiver, Denver Broncos
Watch out, ladies, I call dibs! Tan, rugged, sweet: This man should quit his career in football and apply to be the perfect man.

3. Tim Tebow, quarterback, Denver Broncos
This guy is basically the poster child for American football: good-looking, virtuous, compassionate and darn good at playing the beautiful game. God bless the U.S.A.

4. Miles Austin, wide receiver, Dallas Cowboys
This man has literally the most gorgeous blue eyes you will ever see. Not only is he ultra-talented, but he’s also got mad game off the field — his dating repertoire includes Kim Kardashian. Jealous.

5. Mark Sanchez, quarterback, New York Jets
We all know Sanchez plays football well, but did you know he presented at the 2010 Tony Awards? Dude is into Broadway plays and can play football? Enough said.

6. Tom Brady, quarterback, New England Patriots
Kajillionaire. Smoldering eyes. A loving dad. Super Bowl winner. All these put Brady in our Top 10.

7. Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver, Arizona Cardinals
That smile! He’s not your cocky, rugged football type, but he’s got those pearly whites that I would appreciate every day. Plus, he’s spiritual and humble and doesn’t take for granted all the opportunities he’s been given.

8. Trent Edwards, quarterback, Buffalo Bills
He’s taken a couple hard hits that have affected his football career, but this Stanford grad’s looks have definitely not been hit hard.

9. Tiki/Ronde Barber, ex-running back, New York Giants; cornerback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Both of these identical twin brothers are talented and smooth with the ladies. I say yes, and yes.

10. Chad Ochocinco, free agent wide receiver
He’s cocky, but this talented athlete has every right to be. Not only is he man-pretty, but he also has guts. Fun fact: He changed his last name to match the numbers on his jersey and gets fake tattoos on his face. He’s still in our Top 10.

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