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Eating Healthy- How to Avoid the Mizzou 22

Each college freshman has been warned of gaining the “Freshman 15,” or as we call it here, the “Mizzou 22.” But after visiting the dining halls and smelling the greasy food from miles away, how is it possible NOT to? The convenience of mom’s cooking is no longer available, and not everyone has the option of driving to the store and stocking up on healthy options. Fortunately, for health freaks out there, there are tons of places on campus to get healthy food.

If you have a meal plan, you can use your swipes at the markets attached to Dobbs and Plaza 900 to buy individualized packages of veggies, fruit, yogurt, granola bars, cereal and more. Because avoiding processed snack foods like chips and soda is crucial to staying healthy, it’s easy to replace processed foods with healthier options at the markets. The more you swipe in and stock up, the healthier your snacking will be! Voila!

In the student center, Kate & Emma’s offers a variety of healthy wraps, sandwiches and salads that you won’t find in the dining halls. Kate & Emma’s is also available on EZ charge, so it’s easy to swipe when you’re on the go! Trust me, your parents won’t be upset when you charge healthy food to your EZ charge over a fried, greasy burger.


Right next door, Infusion offers fruit, hummus, yogurt, veggie cups, and rice cups that are the perfect snacking size, or side to any sandwich. It opens at 7 a.m., and is the perfect place to grab an apple and a coffee on your way to your morning class! The dining halls don’t offer as many fruit or yogurt options as Infusion does, so this is a healthy replacement. Infusion also takes EZ charge, so all you need is your student ID and you’re good to go.

Processed foods and greasy pizza are the stereotypical “staple” to a college kid’s life. I can assure you these are also the fastest way to gain the Freshman 15. Don’t follow along with the trends; opt-out of late night pizza runs and bags of chips while studying. You’ll thank yourself later in the year.


Mizzou has it’s own healthy resource guide called, “Zoutrition.” Here you can find vegan/vegetarian and gluten/allergen options when dining at the dining halls. 

How do you stay healthy during meals when you’re on campus? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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