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Cream Make Up Products to Keep You Glowing all Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

Wearing makeup in the summer can be quite the drag. No one wants a pound of foundation melting off their face when they are trying to sip their iced coffee at the pool. So how do we get that summer glow? Put the full coverage foundation away and try out some cream products for the summer! These are easy, quick multitaskers that will leave you feeling fresh and natural all while making you look like a glowing goddess.


1.     NARS  “The Multiple” Stick

Carrying multiple products in your purse is a hassle because they always get lost. Skip the trouble and just bring along this one product! These sticks can be used for your lips, cheeks, eyes and body. Just apply it with your fingers anywhere you want a little color and shine, and you’re good. Who doesn’t love an all-in-one product? Count me in. Plus, this comes in multiple shades, so you can find one perfect for your skin tone!


2.     Glossier Cloud Paint

This is a blush game changer. This little tube packs a lot of punch. The gel-cream texture makes this apply like a dream. It has a silky, creamy texture that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Forget uneven blush, this cloud paint will solve all your worries and become a must-have in your makeup bag. Forgot your lipstick? Swipe some on this on your lips for a little color!


3.     NARS Liquid Gold Face Set

Need I say more? The name is enough to make me run to Sephora and buy every single one. This one is for the girls who love a good bronze-y Victoria Secret Angel tan and glow. Achieve that sunkissed look with these three products that work together to get the #highlightonfleek that you know you want. Again, this is a mutlitasker that you can you on your eyes, lips, cheeks and body.

HC Contributer Mizzou