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When I was a kid, one of my favorite treats was cookie dough. It broke my heart whenever my mom told me I couldn’t have much of it since the raw ingredients could get me sick. I have been on the hunt for an edible cookie dough, safe to eat raw, ever since. While I’ve dabbled in different types, nothing really ever satisfied my craving, and I was left dreaming of the day I could eat cookie dough without the fear of getting salmonella or E. coli.

I was at the grocery store the other week, and I discovered that day was now. I gasped, grabbed the cookie dough, and waved it in front of my boyfriend’s face. “Look! It’s safe to eat raw,” I told him, pointing at the seal on the package. Of course, I bought it. It was the first thing I opened up once I made it back to my apartment, and yep–it tastes just like the cookie dough from my childhood. I’m sure that there are cookie dough lovers out there, just like myself, so I feel obligated to share!

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Much of Pillsbury cookie dough is now safe to eat raw. This is because the eggs in the dough have been pasteurized and the flour has been heat treated. Be sure to check your product for their, “Safe to Eat Raw” seal before indulging on the treat. Oh, and don’t worry–you can still bake the dough, just like normal.

Keep in mind that this is for Pillsbury products, and not necessarily for all other brands. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging.

Happy snacking!

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