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Chris Hanner

This week our Campus Celeb is Chris Hanner, the newly elected Vice President of the Missouri Student Association, better known as MSA. Hanner, a junior, has been a part of MSA since his freshman year. Hanner is a Finance & Banking major from Fredericktown, MO. 
Her Campus Mizzou: Why did you decide to get involved in MSA and ultimately run for Vice President?
Chris Hanner: I began my journey in MSA as a freshman. I knew that serving the students was something that I was interested in, and I started attending MSA Senate meetings, where I really found a home in the Budget Committee. From there, I became the budget chair, working to audit our different departments throughout the year, and later I became the Secretary of Auxiliaries for Payton Head and Brenda Smith-Lezama’s administration and served on the Executive Cabinet. My knowledge of the budget and the passion that I had for the auxiliaries were a huge part of why I decided that I was a good fit to be Vice President, and after Haden and I began coming up with ideas to bring to the student body, I knew I wanted to run, because I knew we could make a difference. 
HCM: What goals do you have for your time as MSA VP?
CH: I have several goals. Above all, it’s important to me to make MSA a place where all students feel welcome. I want students to be able to see their student government and all the services we offer and all the opportunities for leadership, and feel that they could become part of this family. Additionally, because I have previous knowledge of our budget, I’m excited to begin building our budget next semester for the fiscal year 2017, where I hope to be able to make targeted increases in certain areas of the budget so that we can better empower students. Outside of my main prerogatives, I hope to ensure the success of two of our platform items specifically: getting Tiger Pantry one-time access passes to dining halls for hungry Tigers, and to help implement a new program to help international students on campus get involved.
HCM: What is your favorite memory so far from being a part of MSA?
CH: One of my favorite memories from MSA is my first meeting with all of the auxiliary directors (we have 11, ranging from STRIPES to Tiger Pantry to MSA/GPC Box Office) and remembering how nervous I was, but as the meeting progressed they all made me feel so comfortable, and I really cherish the relationships I have been able to develop with each of them and now continue those relationships.
HCM: Are you involved in any other organizations here on campus?
CH: My only current involvement outside of MSA is serving as a member of the Student Fee Review Committee, as I have had to alleviate most of my time commitments for the job ahead. In the past, I have served as the Vice President of TAPP (Tigers Advancing Political Participation), a Peer Advisor for Residential Life, an MAB participant, and on the Chancellor’s Budget Allocation Advisory Council. I feel really fortunate to have been a part of a variety of different organizations on campus, each one showing me different approaches to leadership and problem-solving, and I cannot wait to see what we can do for MSA in the year ahead. 
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