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Check Out Tiger X Cycling Classes This Semester!

It’s the start of a new school year, which means getting back to juggling classes and social lives while staying in the best shape possible. The first weeks back at school often include nights of staying out too late, as well, As a result, many students lack the energy and motivation needed to hit the gym. Luckily, the Mizzou Rec offers classes for every health and fitness goal to get us back in gear. These programs make it easy to get exercise, no matter what year you’re in.

The Mizzou Rec offers fitness classes under its TigerX program. Though every TigerX class provides an awesome workout, the cycling class regularly amps up my running routines, which can grow boring. Cycling for 50 minute-long classes can be challenging, but it’s also motivating: the instructors play loud pump-up music, which encourages students to stay with the beat by pedaling faster. The cycling studio is located in a dark room full of black lights on the first floor of the Rec. Cycling can challenge even the most in-shape people but the classes themselves often feel more like going to a dance club than a workout. This makes for an exciting class: it’s much more entertaining than running in place on a treadmill!

When going to cycling class, be prepared to sweat... a lot. One session of cycling can torch up to 500 calories. Don’t let that scare you! Cycling is a great alternative to activities like long-distance running because it works muscles you don’t use in other routines.

Visit this TigerX class two to three times a week in addition to other cardio to get in shape fast. The more you change your workouts, the more efficient your exercise will be.

Taking advantage of all the resources Mizzou has to offer is a great way for freshman to get acclimated to campus. It’s also a good way to set specific times each day to workout. If you plan workouts ahead of time, you will ditch the gym less.

A TigerX pass is available for purchase at ZouLife, located on the first floor of the Rec..

Not every school has a gym as amazing as the one Mizzou provides its students. Take advantage of the resources available to you to build your healthiest body yet!

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