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Carlo Duaban

This week’s campus cutie has a serious love for “The Office” and “Modern Family.” Put it on Netflix, steer clear of any scary movies and Carlo Duaban is one happy (and cute) camper.
Year at Mizzou: Junior
 Major: Nutrition and fitness pre-physical therapy
 Campus involvement: Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Epsilon Kappa (Physical Therapy)
Why you chose Mizzou: I’ve been a Mizzou sports fan my whole life. And it’s really not too close, yet still not too far from home. 
Future goals/plans: Become a physical therapist. Hopefully in athletics. 
Perfect first date: Watch “The Office” or “Modern Family.”
Features you look for in a girl: A good sense of humor.
If you could have any fictional girl be your girlfriend, who would it be and why: Haley Dunphy. “Modern Family” is my favorite show, so she’s my obvious choice. 
If you could travel to any country, which would it be and why: Italy. It looks nice and I hear they have amazing food. 
Favorite weekend activity: Watch “The Office” or “Modern Family.”
Perfect first date: The kind that leads to a second date.
Worst date: Going to see a scary movie.
Least favorite food: Mushrooms.
Jennifer Lawerence or Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez, but it’s close.
Favorite Mizzou memory: Running through the columns because I found $5 and got free ice cream. 
 Favorite thing to do on a snow day: Playing in the snow until I can’t feel my toes or hands, and then watching “The Office” and/or “Modern Family.”
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