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Campus Celeb: Jake Byrne

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

Our Campus Celeb this week is Jake Byrne, a senior from Osage Beach, Missouri. Jake is a business major and textile and apparel management minor who has photographed for local stores and businesses in Columbia in addition to doing other work with fashion and photography. We caught up with Jake about what drives his passions and where he hopes to be in the next year!  

Her Campus Mizzou: When did you start to gain interest in photography and fashion? What caused this passion?

Jake Byrne: I started gaining an interest in photography and fashion after returning from a year of active duty military service a little over three years ago. Being stationed for a few months in California exposed me to a counterculture that felt much more genuine to my passion for art and individualism than I had previously allowed myself to see. The beautiful thing about artistic expression in these two fields is the ability to showcase one’s change in inspiration through an extrinsic manner. Basically, it gave me back my identity.

HCM: What experience have you had so far in your college career relating to fashion/photography?

JB: Garment tailoring happens to be one of my oldest hobbies, one that I picked up when I was 12. I have kept up with tailoring my own garments over the years, and I feel that this sense of style has drawn me towards many of opportunities and collaborations. I have provided portrait style clothing shoots for Cha Boutique, Muse Clothing and a couple Stephen’s College magazines.

HCM: What has been your favorite experience with your work?  

JB: This past Summer, I interned at a Kansas City suit and tailor shop, Houndstooth, to assist in web development and marketing. I was the first of my position and was able to take my ambition as far as I wished. I also gained a great deal of tailoring experience, assisting master tailors with orders and learning this trade of business.

HCM: Ultimately, what is your dream job? What do you want to do after college?  

JB: I’m an opportunist and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Being my own boss and creating my own positive environment is my dream job. I am currently awaiting acceptance to graduate school in Milan, Italy (fingers crossed.) It’s a start in the industry that most employers would love to see in a candidate.

HCM: What does the line “Clash and Byrne” mean to you? Where did you come up with this idea/brand?

JB: It started as an Instagram handle that combined my fashion interest with my last name. People have told me that it sticks in their mind, and I have noticed more people pronouncing my last name correctly; it’s a win-win for branding! I have a website, clashandbyrne.com, where I post my work in multiple media formats on a regular basis. There is a lot going on these days due to my many passions, and it’s nice to have a way to share it with people that find it interesting too!

Check out Jake on Instagram (@clash_and_byrne) and at his website clashandbyrne.com!