Campus Celeb: Bea Doheny

Most of us probably loved creating jewelry or other art at some point in our lives. But Mizzou junior Bea Doheny has taken her love of art and turned it into a successful business! Bea is a Business Marketing major and Entrepreneurship minor originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and she has created a business called Astronobeads, which sells a variety of beaded jewelry. 

Bea was first inspired to start Astronobeads because she wanted to blend her love of astronomy and art. Her business has absolutely taken off and she now has over 5,500 followers on Instagram and has sold her jewelry to customers in 31 different countries. 

Bea has learned so much from her business, but most of what she has learned has been by doing. She said, "Running a business in college has been an ongoing challenge of balancing and managing my time."

With all the success Bea's business has had already, the possibilities for the future are endless! She is hoping one day, one of her bracelets ends up on the wrist of an astronaut in space. 

For Bea, the entire experience of Astronobeads has been amazing. She has sold bracelets to people all over the world and she feels like she is bringing the world together.  She said, "Astronomy is so connecting because it doesn't matter where you are, what language you speak, or what you believe. We are all connected." 

Bea has had so many opportunities because of Astronobeads. One of her favorite memories was when she was able to see Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator, wearing one of her Jupiter and Galilean Moons Bracelets! She also was able to meet Astronaut Scott Kelly. 

Along with running a successful business, Bea is a part of the Entrepreneurship Alliance and Chi Omega Sorority. She also recently started a Coffee Club for any students who want to bounce ideas about entrepreneurship off each other.

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