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CAA: Chipotle Addicts Anonymous

Picture yourself in this situation: You and your friends are deciding where to get dinner. A couple suggestions are thrown out there, but nothing really catches the group’s fancy. In these situations, I generally stay silence. Friends will start to ask me what I want, but then they remember; I am an addict. I already know what I want. My name is Taylor Marie, I am addicted to Chipotle. Rather than 12 steps, I give you six reasons why you should get Chipotle-addicted too. 

1. You can feel good about the ingredients. While Chipotle is considered “fast food” it is worlds better for you than others in its category. The restaurant uses organic and local produce, and buys meat without added hormones. Chipotle stated, “we support and sustain family farmers who respect the land and the animals in their care.” Bless them.

2. You wear the pants. You get to make all the decisions. You don’t want beans? No beans. You want half mild, half medium salsa? It’s yours. Chipotle will make literally anything you ask for, includes quesadillas and nachos, both of which aren’t on the menu.

3. You can make it healthy! Chicken, brown rice, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes; all good for you! There is even a nutrition calculator on Chipotle’s that breaks down the calories of each ingredient you add.

4. You can make it really unhealthy! There is actually a “secret menu” at Chipotle. On this menu are some pretty delicious inventions, including the Quesarito. A Quesarito is a burrito that uses a cheese quesadilla as its shell, adding cheesy deliciousness to every bite of your burrito. Personally, I’m too afraid to try it for a couple reasons: A) Burritos are messy business. I almost always get a burrito bowl because I can’t handle the shear mass of a wrapped burrito. B) There is a good chance I will try the quesarito, love it and then want it every time. I’m not ready to open that door.

5. It’s practically two meals in one — so the price is actually reasonable if you think about it. The biggest draw back about Chipotle is that you end up spending at least eight dollars for your meal. However, the amount of food they give you is worth it. I challenge you to leave Chipotle still hungry after a meal. It doesn’t happen. I often get my burrito bowl to go, eat half and save the rest for later. Chipotle saves well in the fridge and will be equally as delicious the next day.

6. The Guac. If you don’t get the guacamole, you are doing it wrong. It makes the meal. Seriously, it’s worth the extra $1.80. Fun Fact: Jason Mraz supplies avocados to Chipotle.

There are two Chipotles in Columbia, one is on S. Ninth St., the other is at 2540 Broadway Bluffs Drive. The restaurant gets pretty busy around dinner and lunch time, so be prepared to wait in line around those times. Veteran tip: go around 1:30 p.m. The line will be short, and the restaurant will have just made fresh batches of all the ingredients after the lunch rush.

Shout out to Chipotle for giving us some free food in our lovely #HCSurvivalKits!

Freshman J-school student at University of Missouri. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia and a southern girl at heart.
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