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 With fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, more and more Mizzou students are incorporating boots into their daily wardrobes. Whether you wear boots to keep warm and dry on your walk to class or you wear them as a fun and fashionable accessory with your weekend outfit, there are plenty of options for you. Her Campus Mizzou has some cute and practical choices that don’t break the bank.

Rain boots: Rain boots are a perfect way to bring color to your wardrobe on a dark and rainy day. More importantly, they’ll keep your feet dry as you walk around campus. Target has a large online selection of cute and patterned boots ranging anywhere from $20 to $40. The pink Merona Zusa Floral Rain Boots can be found at Target for $24.99.



Snow boots: Snow boots are essential for walks to class on cold and snowy days. Khombu’s Traveler 2 snow
 boots are $40 at Zappos. Their faux-fur lining will keep your feet warm, and the rubber outsole will give you the traction to maneuver around campus safely.



Fashion boots: Boots can also be a stylish way to spice up your wardrobe this winter. Tuck your boots into skinny jeans or leggings when going out to create a cute yet sophisticated look. These tall gray boots from shoeocean.com are just $34.99. Or try short ankle boots, such as this pair for $49.99 at Payless.

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