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Best Workout DVDs

With winter approaching, the ominous skies outside won’t exactly encourage you to grab your water bottle and run to the gym. That’s no excuse to stop exercising because we’ve picked the best workout DVDs to keep you fit from the comfort of your own home.

If you like yoga…
The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga: A Personalized Practice for Strength, Flexibility, and Focus
Don’t be fooled by the title; you don’t need to be a triathlete champion to use this DVD. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, Sage Rountree, an expert in yoga for athletes, guides you through sequences in strength, flexibility and focus that can be modified for any level of difficulty. It is a little harder to follow if you have never done yoga, but take it slow and just follow along! Namaste.


If you like Pilates…
Pilates For Beginners & Beyond Boxed Set (Pilates for Inflexible People / Pilates Complete for Weight Loss / Pilates Complete Sculpt and Tone)
This set is the trifecta of all Pilates DVDs — it comes with three DVDs designed to improve flexibility, weight loss and toning. The sounds and visuals on these DVDs aren’t perfectly in sync, and it does move along slowly, but focusing on the workouts is the part that counts! Plus, there’s some yoga included for you yoga-lovers out there.


If you like to dance…
Tracey Mallett’s Fuse Dance Cardio Lean
Plié. Developpé. Tendu. If you’ve got a dance background, then you’re familiar with these motions. Hit the dance floor with Tracey Mallett, a fitness expert, choreographer and dancer. Each workout is about 30 minutes, but that is plenty. After just a few minutes, I could feel my thighs shaking. You may be sore for a while after, but who doesn’t want a body like hers?


If you just want to get Ripped…
Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30
Follow Jillian Michaels’ 30-day challenge to get your best bod yet with four workouts comprised of strength, cardio and abs. This DVD also includes modified versions of each workout to accommodate different levels. You can also follow her 30-day diet plan online, but for the best results, be sure to stay consistent with this plan! If you’re feeling a little lazy one day, stick to the workout but choose an easier version.



Allison Goldberg is a junior at the University of Missouri double majoring in strategic communication journalism with an emphasis in PR and marketing and psychology. In Columbia, she is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha women's fraternity executive council and is a Rent the Runway campus rep. During her spare time you can find her shopping, spending time with her friends and family, running outside or reading a fashion magazine. Allison has interned at a social media firm, BCV Evolve in Chicago for the past two summers. She hopes to work for a fashion PR firm in Chicago or New York when she graduates and eventually travel to South America.
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