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9 Nail Colors to Brighten Up This Spring Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

With the turn of the spring season comes a whole new change of color palettes in the fashion world — right down to your nail color (details, ladies, details). The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in the coming months. These 9 nail colors are coming in hot, and you’ll definitely want to incorporate them into your spring style. 

1. Blushing Beauty 

Blush may be thought of as a typical Valentine’s Day color, but we’re crushing hard on this “Sweet Heart” color by O.P.I. for the spring months.

2. Olive Green

Feeling close to nature? Let the greens be your manicure inspo with this “Olive for Green” O.P.I. Infinite Shine polish. Pantone also named Greenery as the 2017 color of the year. 

3. Lovely in Lavender

This lavender polish by Essie just screams springtime. “Lilacism” is elegant, classy and reminds us all of one of our favorite spring blooms. 

4. Electric Yellow

Feeling bright and cheery? Something about warmer weather boosts everyone’s moods, so you might as well wear a little sunshine on your fingers with this “Canary Yellow” polish by O.P.I.

5. Fabulous in Fuschia 

If you’re feeling fun, flirty and bold, skip the pastels this spring and go for a bright, vibrant fuchsia like this “Back to Fuchsia” tone by Sally Hansen.

6. Just Peachy 

One of spring’s staple colors, peach, is a must-have for your nail polish stash. Peach is easy to match with darker, bolder clothing colors like navy blue, and “Peach of Cake” by Sally Hansen is one of our season favorites.

7. Minted

Take minty fresh to a whole new level this spring with Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple” shade. Just like peach, mint is a color that pairs well with darker neutrals or even bright, contrasting tones. 

8. White as Snow 

Just because we’re trading in our snow boots for swimsuits doesn’t mean we can’t take a little bit of snow’s stark white color with us into the spring season. O.P.I.’s “Alpine Snow” Infinite Shine color definitely has our attention.

9. Neutral and Natural 

We can’t forget about our classic go-to pick: natural. When in doubt, less is more;  you can never go wrong with a natural shape polished with a neutral color like “Allure” by Essie.

Whether you’re gearing up for spring break, getting ready to take on finals week in style or simply want to have the ultimate #ManiGoals Instagram photo, these shades are definitely the top hits as we make our way into the 2017 spring season.

HC Contributer Mizzou