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8 Scary Movies To Watch on Netflix this Halloween

Are you not feeling in the spooky spirit just yet? Watch some scary movies, and I think it’ll do the trick. Netflix is really stepping up their game on quality movies lately, especially in the October season. Thought I’m definitely no professional film critic, I’m OBSESSED with movies. Sometimes I focus on the technique of the movie and how it’s told, but with creepy, scary movies, I really just focus on if it does what it’s intended to do: make me afraid of the dark or afraid to be alone. Whether you’re a horror or thriller film lover, I think this variety of flicks I chose will definitely get you in that eerie, Halloween spirit. (Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead.) 

“The Uninvited”

More of a creepy movie than a scary movie, this one really makes you think. Although it only has a 32% on Rotten Tomatoes, I think the plot has enough twists to keep you interested. I love the psychiatric part of the movie, and it also has emotional side to keep you invested until the very end. A girl just released from a psychiatric ward after her mother died in a fire at her boathouse comes home to her sister, father and new stepmother; she and her sister try to uncover clues as to how the disaster happened. One of its biggest critiques is that it’s predictable, but it definitely had me guessing. I’d say watch this as an appetizer to a scarier flick in your spooky October nights. 


This thriller came out a few months ago on Netflix. With a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, you have to believe me on this one. This movie had me peeking between two fingers throughout the whole flick. The women is deaf, and the man uses that against her to create a horrifying environment outside of her secluded home. You’ll never want to look out your window past 7 p.m. again.

“The Babadook”

My cousins and I rented this movie from Redbox before it was on Netflix out of sheer boredom. We thought the name was funny, but the movie definitely was not. Basically, a book comes to life in a very creepy form that creates a frightful environment for a mother and her son. Not to mention the creepy ending, this movie will have you perplexed for a while after watching. With a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, be ready to be terrified.

“Would You Rather”

Though slightly predictable, the suspense and gore in this movie kept me fully interested. Brittany Snow acts as her innocent self trying to save her sick brother. His oncologist has her meet a man who offers to pay for all her brother’s treatments if she wins a game at his dinner party. This is not your ordinary game however. You’ll have to watch to find out what the game entails, but I definitely would not ask to join in this one. Warning: don’t watch if you don’t have a strong stomach!

“The Amityville Horror”

If Ryan Reynolds didn’t draw you in already, the reality of the movie might. Based off a true story book written by Jay Anson, this remake included new information from research of the murder house and its past. George Lutz (Ryan Reynolds) and his wife and her three kids move into this home, not knowing it was the sight of a murder a year before. In that murder, a man killed his whole family, claiming voices in his head told him to. Though I haven’t seen the other versions of the film, I still think this remake is a great contender for my favorite scary movie list. 

“The Invitation”

This suspenseful flick will make you wait for the big bang, but I promise it’s worth it. Will and his new girlfriend, Kira, attend a dinner party (I guess I’ve learned dinner parties aren’t always for eating good food?) at the Will’s old house, which now belongs to his ex-wife and her new husband. They quickly learn the dinner party is an invitation for the guests to learn about the couple’s new religious views. The suspense and different characters create a tense environment for the viewer, making you wonder what will happen next and which characters you can trust throughout the film. 

“Stephen King’s Children of the Corn”

My 13-year-old self would be proud of me for acknowledging this movie. This was the first scary movie I ever watched, so of course it had to be included. In this classic horror movie, where the kids are the evil ones, you’ll be afraid of your 7-year-old neighbor after watching this. A cult of kids kill all the adults passing through their town, with Vicky and Burt being the impending victims. This movie will make you question the intentions of every child you encounter, but it’s a must-see in my book.

“American Horror Story”

Okay, I know this isn’t a movie, but how could I not include this show?! Instead of watching a few movies, watch a season of this amazing show instead. I’ve been watching it on TV since Asylum, the second season, but I’d have to say any of the first three seasons could be considered my favorite. You can find seasons 1-5 on Netflix now, and I promise it’s worth it all your free time. “American Horror Story” has changed the game of scary TV, and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Plus, you can watch Evan Peters in most of the seasons, and that in itself is a reason to watch.

Well, I think that should give you a start to a frightful month. Each flick I chose has a different theme, but I think you’re safe watching any movie/show with the term “exorcism,” “dark,” “ghost,” “devil,” etc. in the title or description. I’m off to scare myself into a sleepless night; sweet nightmares my readers! 

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