8 Pictures of Pope Francis That Describe the Life of a College Girl

In honor of Pope Francis’ recent visit to the United States here are eight pictures where he seemed to capture the life of a college girl.

1. Walking in to Astronomy 1010 as a sophomore excited to learn all about the constellations… until your teacher opens lecture with, “We do not learn about any constellations in this class.”

2. Pre-gaming in your room on a Tuesday night and walking by everyone studying:

3.  “Make it two cheesecakes!!! Cheesecakes for everyone! How about some bosco sticks? Who wants bosco sticks?”

4. Seeing a friend from across the lecture hall…

5. And then seeing there’s an open seat next to her:

6. Anytime there’s any animals – especially baby animals – on campus ever:

7. On the nights you know you look good walking into your favorite frat/bar:

8. And finally the weekly, “I’m dropping out” mental breakdown:

Pope Francis just gets it.