7 Ways to Revamp Your Rainy Day Style

You know what they say: March winds bring April showers. As the temperature heats up, there's no doubt we are all getting plenty antsy to spring into our new warm weather wardrobe. Sadly, however, we can't have May flowers without a good dose of rain the month before. April may have a forecast of scattered showers here and there, but that does not mean your inner fashionista has to stay in winter hibernation! These 7 raincoat styles are sure to brighten up any cloudy day that may come our way in the next month.

Feeling Dotty

Because let's be honest, polka dots never really go out of style. 


Bright and Bold

Take a traditional approach with the classic "yellow raincoat" look. A bold, vibrant color like yellow, pink or even electric blue is an excellent way to rock your favorite shades while staying dry. 


Striking Stripes

Show off your fun side by choosing a striped raincoat and pairing it with a pair of solid, bright colored rain boots. A vibrant solid boot makes a statement without causing a case of pattern overload.



The monogram is the typical "college girl" raincoat for a reason. It's just that cute! Your initials, sorority letters, or any letters of meaning are perfect for embroidering on your favorite oversized raincoat.

Your Outfit is Showing

Fabulous outfits do not deserve to be covered up just because of a case of bad weather. With a sheer raincoat, you never have to worry about your outfit not being seen. Aim for a neutral colored sheer coat to throw over a bright colored dress or top. Talk about runway ready!


Belted coats, dresses and oversized shirts create the illusion of a smaller waist. Next time it's pouring rain and a bit chilly, choose a belted coat to throw on over all of your layers to avoid the dreaded "marshmallow" look we are all so familiar with when trying to stay warm. 


May the Flowers Come Early

April showers bring May flowers, but this year the blooms are coming early! A floral printed raincoat is the perfect way to say "I'm ready for spring weather."


So the rainy weather and the stress of finals and graduation have you feeling down in the dumps? Gloomy days just got a whole lot brighter, and these seven raincoat styles are a sure fire way to take a little bit of sunshine with you while you walk.