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5 Tips For An Easy Move-Out Day


It seems like the school year just started yesterday, and everyone was moving carloads of clothes, toiletries, and just about anything under the sun into their new living space. Not only do students now have to worry about finals at the end of the year, but also moving everything out of a packed dorm room, sorority house, or apartment. Luckily, the process can be simple if you plan beforehand. Use these tips to move out like a pro!

1.  Take home unneeded items

Whether it’s Halloween decorations, heavy winter coats, or Christmas decorations, everyone has loads of clutter in the back of their closets or under their bed. If you plan on using these items next year (which you should!), find a weekend to take them home. If your school isn’t within driving distance, ship the lightest items back home. That way, you have one less thing to carry down the stairs on move-out day!


2.  Get rid of school supplies and papers

De-clutter your desk (and life) by recycling old paper rubrics, exam study guides, and syllabi. Searching through your old class papers will not only save you time when you’re packing your room, but you may stumble upon an old worksheet or handout that will help you study for finals. Win-win!


3.  Donate old clothes

Let’s be honest: it’s easy to hoard clothes. However, when you’re searching through your closet, ask yourself if you’re really going to wear that sequin top or pair of skinny jeans again. If not, donate them to Goodwill or Plato’s closet. Even better, have your friends clean out their closets and have a clothes swap. Not only will you de-clutter your closet, you’ll get new additions to your wardrobe- for free!


4.  Keep your room clean

Most apartments or dorms require you to mop the floor, dust your closet, and more before moving out. Instead of having a cleaning binge when all you want to do is head home, keep your room clean for the rest of the year. By dusting or picking up clutter for 20 minutes before you go to bed, you’ll be able to ease the cleaning process come move-out day.


5.  Talk to your roommates about who’s keeping what

One of the great things about having a roommate is being able to save money by sharing a blender or futon. However, being unsure of who’s keeping what after you move out can create quite the awkward situation. Sit down with your roommates to decide who’s keeping everything you bought together, whether it be the printer or plates.

Happy Move Out!


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