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5 things you need from Amazon in your closet

First of all, lets start by saying that I am an avid prime user. I know, I know, Amazon isn’t the best place ethically. But that 2 day shipping gets me everytime. Here’s 5 things that i’ve bought over the past year and have not stopped wearing!

  1. These Amazon Tank Tops 


I am a forever stan of the tiny tank trend. Am I working out? Am I wearing it as a bra? Am I going to class? Am I wearing it out? Am I going to bed? Literally the most versatile piece on the entire planet. Anyway, I used to only wear the really thin fabric, thin strapped tanks, you know, the ones that pill or the straps get really stretched out in the wash? Not anymore. I am forever hooked on these $15-$20 tanks from Amazon. They have a built-in bra, athletic material, and look EXACTLY like the align tanks from Lululemon that are always sold out and triple the price. I could not recommend these more. 


  1. This Chunky Cardigan Sweater

I got this sweater a week ago and I think I’ve worn it at least 4 times since. It truly reminds me of a sweater that I would buy at free people or urban. Its thick, soft, and I’ve gotten so many compliments. Also, the best part is that it’s under $35. 


  1. These Faux Designer Sunglasses

I’m notorious for losing my sunglasses, so naturally, these are my third pair. They’re about $15 and they’re perfect because I don’t even feel bad about losing them. Especially because you will not catch me in the sun without these on. I wear them so often that I had to make sure I had at least a couple pictures on my Instagram without me in them! The best part about them is that they make me feel like I’m famous and I’m hiding from the paparazzi. 


  1. Big, Chunky Hair Clips. 

*Que Rachel Green* These hair clips make me feel like I’m fresh out of a 90s sitcom. They are much less damaging than actual ponytail holders and they’re just fun. I use these big ones because I have longer hair, but they sell tinier ones too! $10.


  1. Oversized Hoodie or Oversized Zip Up Hoodie

STOP OVERPAYING FOR GILDAN AND HANES HOODIES. STOP IT. Sites will sell these hoodies with a screen print on them for $50+ and that is insane! These hoodies are maybe $20 and most of the time they are less depending on the color you choose. I have this hoodie in a Grey XL and it has been my staple outfit in the Q. Say it with me… “I will stop overpaying for oversized sweatshirts.”


Everything on this list I own, so you know its legit. If you want to know more about things I Love with a captial L, check out @meg.bought.it on instagram or my amazon master list. 



Megan Volz is a Senior at the University of Missouri. She is double majoring in Communication and Political Science alongside a minor in Textiles/Merchandising. This past summer she enjoyed a PR/Marketing internship for a sustainable fashion label on the warm sunny beaches of Australia....virtually. Anyways, she is so excited about her role as publicity director for Her Campus Mizzou and even more excited that you're actually reading her bio! Feel free to message her on LinkedIn for any inquiries!
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