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5 Study Break Movies on Netflix


It eventually happens to every collegiette. While studying those endless amounts of notes, you see your computer in the corner of your eye and wonder, “why am I not watching Netflix right now?”. After careful consideration, you succumb to the temptations, push aside your notes, and indulge in some good old procrastination. But hey, sometimes we actually need study breaks! Here’s 5 movies on Netflix to help you pass the time.

1. Dirty Dancing


            This 80s classic will lower that exam anxiety and instead have you wishing you and a special someone could do that famous lift. Jennifer Grey stars as a young girl on vacation with her family who falls for the resort’s steamy dance instructor, Patrick Swayze. Who can pass up a good dance flick?


2. Super 8


This scientific thriller takes place in a quaint small town that’s turned upside down after a train crash leads to unexplained events. A band of adventurous kids and a father, played by Friday Night Light’s Kyle Chandler, team up to investigate. It’s a surprisingly sweet film with plenty of heart.


3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


What better movie to watch while you’re skipping out on school work? Ferris is the king of procrastination. The classic 80s comedy follows him and his two friends as they take a day off from school and explore downtown Chicago. Hilarious? Check. Spontaneous dance number? Check.


4. Friends With Kids

It’s a mini Bridesmaids reunion! Not really. Though four out of the six main cast members were in that movie. But we’re not complaining. This all star cast is what makes the movie so great. Two best friends decide to have a baby together without having a romantic relationship to avoid the strain kids have on couples. It’s funny and doesn’t follow the usual romantic comedy formula. 


5. Timer


It’s easy to pass up movies on Netflix that you’ve never heard of. But sometimes if you take a chance you can find real winners like Timer. The movie centers around the invention of the Timer, which counts down until the moment you meet your soulmate. It’s a refreshing concept that leaves you wondering.


Any other suggestions, readers? Let us know in the comments below!

Sarah Kloepple is a junior journalism student at Mizzou. She embraces her addiction to good television and the fact that she knows way too much movie trivia. Originally from St. Louis, Sarah loves spending time with family and friends and stopping frequently at any good frozen custard place (preferably Ted Drewe's). When she's not with her oldest friend Netflix, you can find her typing furiously on her computer somewhere or reading a good book outside. Follow her on Twitter: @skloep.
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