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5 Picture Perfect Proposals


Proposal: plan, idea, scheme, project, program, manifesto, motion, proposition, suggestion, submission, trial balloon. While there are many synonyms for this word, most young women might think of a proposal as the result of the love a woman and a man have for each other.  There are an incredible amount of proposals that happen all across the United States every day. Many proposal videos caught on tape have recently gone viral on YouTube, which not only provides a great memory for the future bride and groom, but also gives enjoyment and entertainment to YouTube-lovers all over the world. Here are a few of the most popular ones!


1. The Disney Proposal: This particular proposal occurs at the happiest place on earth. Ironic?


2. The Movie Trailer Proposal: This proposal is larger than life, taking place on the big screen.


3. 10 Things I Love About You Proposal: This perfect proposal is like a scene from a movie. Oh, wait …


4. UW Madison Marching Band Proposal: At a University of Wisconsin-Madison football game, a woman gets a huge surprise in front of an extra-large crowd.


5. Weatherman Proposes to News Anchor: During the workday, this news anchor was not expecting to see her boyfriend on the news. What was more unexpected? How he proposed on live television!

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