5 Healthy and Easy Finals Snacks

Nothing is worse than the afternoon slump between meals when most of us are in class or studying for those dreaded finals. Our bank accounts draw us away from the on-campus food sources, since they’re usually super pricey and our health goals don’t always involve gorging on pizza… at least not before 8 o’clock. That being said, here is a list of five easy and totally healthy snacks for collegiate trying to battle hunger during finals without breaking the bank.


1. Almonds

Almonds pack a protein punch that gives you a quick boost of energy as well was warding off hunger. They’re small and a serving size is only about 11 almonds so they can easily be put in a Ziploc bag and thrown in your backpack.


2. Tuna and whole wheat crackers


This snack is perfect because it really fills you up because it’s also packed with protein. Tuna has a lot of the good Omega-3 fatty acids that are super healthy for you too and the packets you can get them in are super lightweight and have everything you need, like a spreading spoon!

3. Celery and Peanut Butter


Feel free to pack along raisins as a throwback to when teachers called it, “ants on a log” in an effort to make you eat healthily as a kid. Celery sticks can be easily cut and thrown into a bag, and just grab a to-go container of peanut butter and you’re all set!

4. Pretzels


Sometimes you have crazy cravings for a salty snack, instead of packing a bag of potato chips in your backpack, try reaching for pretzels as they have way fewer calories. If you’re a person who needs to balance salty and sweet try throwing in some dark chocolate chips for that perfect mixture.

5. Minute Brown Rice


Okay, so it’s not exactly a bowl from Chipotle, but it’s a super quick and easy snack to get you through your day. There’s actually a ton of microwaves all over campus (3 just in the student center) and it only takes a minute! I spice mine up with black pepper or this weird hot sauce I discovered next to the Mizzou Market’s microwave one day.