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5 Entertaining Twitter Accounts You Need to Check Out

Twitter’s unmatched popularity obviously means all sorts of people are tweeting.  Some accounts are just too unique, too funny or too captivating to not visit.  Here’s just a few you need to give a follow for the times you’re scrolling through the feed and need a cure for boredom. 

Thoughts of Dog — @dog_feelings

This one will brighten your mood when you notice yourself pausing. between. every. word. as you read.  On top of that, who doesn’t love a dog that tweets?       

so sad today — @sosadtoday 


One of the more twisted and dark, yet surprisingly humorous, accounts on Twitter is made by a depressed woman who creates satire out of her despair.  It will give you a quick pick me up for the days that life just isn’t going your way. 

Faces in Things — @FacesPics 

This account tends to be a bit bizarre, but it does not fail to occupy one’s time.  Apparently, faces can be found in anything from cleaning supplies to canyons. 

WeRateDogs — @dog_rates 


Say hello to the cutest Twitter page ever (the captions are funny too).  Dogs’ cuteness is contagious, so follow this account if you want to become obsessed. 

Shit Girls Say — @shitgirlssay 


A scary accurate representation of the many lines girls will drop on an everyday basis can be found here.  You will most likely relate to every tweet you read on this account (seriously).  

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