5 Athleisure Trends to Sport This Spring

It's coming in hot, and it is here to stay. No, we aren't just talking about the gorgeous spring weather that's headed our way. If you've paid any attention to the latest fashion trends, you know athleisure is leaving its mark in the world of style and only continuing to grow an even larger demographic of activewear enthusiasts. 

But in 2017, athleisure isn't just a fad — it's a way of life. Your crazy health freak friends that have been going to yoga and drinking all kinds of green smoothies for the past 4 years (We all have them)?. They're the trendsetters! Chances are they have always been known to rock a chic set of activewear. These 5 trends are the driving force behind the overflow of athleisure style clothing hitting all the shopping hot spots and flooding your Instagram timeline.

1. Sheer Cutouts

This may be the biggest signature athleisure trend this spring. The big name yoga clothing brands like Lululemon, Alo Yoga, Alala, and Michi are showing major love for the sheer panels in their leggings, tops and sports bras. Whether you're into the big cutouts that span all the way up the side of your leg, or a simple spiral of mesh going up your ankle, there are definitely endless options to pick from. 

2. Straps Everywhere

Especially on sports bras. Yoga-style sports bras in bright, cheery colors are showing some major strap action. Not only do these kinds of sports bras look cute by themselves, but they also add tons of detail and an edgy style to a plain, athletic tank top. 

3. Cropped, Cut and Casual

Crop tops aren't just for pairing with your favorite pair of high-waisted jean shorts anymore. Brands like Fabletics are extra up to date on the crop top trend. They offer a wide variety of "long sports bras" that can be worn with a pair of high-waisted leggings, spandex shorts or even an athletic short.

4. Less is More

That's right! When it comes to activewear, trendy sports bras are the way to go. They are bright, printed and detailed for a reason, right? Might as well show them off with your favorite pair of sheer leggings and a cropped tank or an off the shoulder workout top.

5. Fab and Flowy

Looking for comfort? Nothing sounds better than a big, flowy workout top with the back cut out and a pair of tight, high-waisted leggings. If your springtime temps haven't quite hit that "sunny and 75" milestone yet, and you're wanting to take your sweat sesh outside without freezing to death, this look is definitely the way to go. 

The best part about sporting your favorite athleisure trend? You can sweat it out at the gym and still look cute, or you can stay far far away from dumbbells and green smoothies but still put off that fit babe vibe. The choice is yours.