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3 Instagram Fashion Influencers to Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

With all the bloggers, influencers, models, etc. out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with whom to follow. At least half the people that I follow on Instagram fall into this category. For those out there like me that like to live vicariously through these people, and follow the trendsetters and the places they go, here are three accounts you must go check out ASAP. 

Xenia Van Der Woodsen (@xeniaoverdose)

Xenia is a lifestyle blogger from Denmark that covers topics ranging from travel, fashion, food, and fitness. However, fashion is for sure her strong suit. She nails literally everything she wears. She is hands-down “insta-goals.” I didn’t think she was real the first time I came across her account. She also travels the world and goes to pretty much every cool event, ever. Must be nice! Just go look her up, you will get lost and find yourself looking at posts from two years ago. (We’re all guilty, right?)


Lauren Elizabeth (@laurenelizabeth)

If you are into YouTube at all, I’m sure you’ve come across Lauren’s channel. She is a massive YouTube star that has transitioned into an acting career for her. She recently launched a jewelry collection with Mejuri and often partners with brands such as Revolve. Let’s just say she’s got her stuff together. Lauren’s YouTube channel is a great place to start, but make sure to check out her Instagram for major style inspo. 


Alicia Roddy (@lissyroddyy)

Alicia is a fashion blogger based out of the UK that has the ultimate “cool girl” style. I don’t know how she makes everything she wears look straight out of a magazine, but she does, and it’s amazing. She puts together pieces that you would never think would look good together until she does it and it looks effortless. Alicia just partnered with Public Desire to create a collection of shoes that instantly make an outfit chic (check them out here). She also has a YouTube channel where she puts together Lookbooks, hauls, monthly favorites and more. 

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