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3 Dinner & Drink Spots In Columbia For Valentine’s Day

As awful as being alone on Valentine’s Day may seem, planning a fun yet relaxed date is sometimes just a royal pain. Some college ladies aren’t sure of their status with a guy, deeming it borderline terrifying to ask him to hang out on this holiday.  Dinner and a movie have always been known as a standard date night. That being said, everyone (21 and older) usually needs a drink whether or not they are single or taken on Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, you’re depressed. If you’re taken, it’s a day to celebrate. Whether you’re spending the night with your significant other or just having a fun night out with the girls, here are a few dinner/drink combinations for a low-key night out in honor of Valentine’s Day.

1. For the adventurous: Dinner at Kampai, drinks at Günter Hans.

Kampai is a sushi restaurant in downtown Columbia. Not only does it have sushi, it also has a full menu of salads, soups and hot dishes for those who aren’t up for the raw fish dinner. It has a large dining area with an upstairs (bar included for pre-dinner cocktails) that will surely catch your attention. Kampai is hidden in Alley A, making it feel like a secret location no one else knows about.

Günter Hans is about a two-minute walk from Kampai, making it easy to walk in those heels you just bought. This European pub and café makes it easy to combine both dessert and after-dinner drinks. It has a quiet setting in a tiny restaurant, making it easier to socialize. 

2. For the trendy: Dinner at Room 38, drinks at The Roof.

Room 38 is a cozy yet chic lounge turned restaurant. It’s known for the variety of food from lobster macaroni and cheese to a wide range of flat breads. The sharing plates are perfect for more than one person, making it fun to mix and match with your date or friends. 

The Roof at The Broadway Hotel is seemingly Columbia gone big city. There’s a large bar, both indoors and outdoors, with fire pits and a large drink menu. Better yet? The view of Columbia is amazing.

3. For the intimate: Dinner at Bleu, drinks at Vault.

Bleu has always pulled through when having a romantic or small gathering dinner purely because it has a more quiet setting. The food ranges from salads and soups to shared plates like truffled Parmesan fries and roasted red pepper hummus.

Vault at The Tiger Hotel is an underground bar with a more private setting. The booths are set up around tables, ensuring that it is conversation friendly. It’s quaint and cool all at the same time. 



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