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Spring and Summer 2022 Fashion Forecast: Mizzou Edition

Much has already been written about what styles and trends we can expect to see this spring and summer. However, the busy lifestyle, young age and limited budget of the average college student create a unique fashion atmosphere that affects the way trends are created and spread on campus, where comfort and affordability are key. 

With that being said, here’s my reinterpretation of the existing spring and summer 2022 trend forecasts. These are five fashion trends you might expect to see around campus as the weather warms up. 

1. UGGs: the warm weather edit

With the release of the ultra-minis and platform slippers, the UGG brand has had a massive resurgence this winter. For Mizzou freshman Maureen Dolan, UGGs have been a classroom staple this winter.

“UGGs have been my go-to shoe since being back on campus,” Dolan said. “They’re super comfy and warm when walking around.”

Moving into spring and summer with rain showers and warmer weather in store, I see current UGG trends moving toward more waterproof styles. Think of UGGs with less fuzzy cloth material, more plastic and a higher platform.

Products to watch: Women’s Classic Clear Mini and Women’s Disco Slide.

2. Not your dad’s shorts

Prepare to raid your parent’s wardrobes, because baggy Bermuda shorts are about to make their triumphant return. This trend fits right in with the ’90s resurgence and the current thrifting craze. This piece is a great addition to a college wardrobe, specifically because of its low price point and versatility. 

Products to watch: these Pacsun Shorts by Brand Melville designer John Galt are great if you have the budget, but this piece can usually be thrifted too.

3. Casual cutouts

Cutouts have been massive on the runway for years now, but shows like Euphoria are making these designer trends increasingly accessible to casual consumers. 

In Columbia, Mo., these styles have already made an appearance in the nightlife scene. However, I predict that as the weather warms up, cutouts will start making their way into more casual classroom looks.

Mizzou freshman Brynn Eide has definitely noticed Euphoria‘s effects on campus culture.

“The fashion from the first season of the show was such a big part of what made it so popular,” Eide said. “They definitely use that to pick styles that appeal to the audience. It clearly works, because you see tutorials and ‘Euphoria-inspired’ posts all over social media every time a new episode premieres.”

Products to watch: try this Urban Outfitters Aria Turtleneck for a casual daytime look or this off-the-shoulder Dylan Top from Princess Polly for a night out.

4. Big clothes, big plans

Take up space this spring and summer. Big silhouettes are in and they’re easy to adapt to a college setting. Whether it’s a puff sleeve blouse for your next job interview or a tiered-tulle mini dress for a formal occasion, incorporating dynamic silhouettes into your warm-weather wardrobe is a great way to be on-trend while still investing in timeless pieces that fit your personal style.

Products to watch: this Selkie dress from Revolve is perfect for date night, and this top from Alice + Olivia can be dressed up or down for any occasion. 

5. All ON your head

If headbands have been on your mind since Euphoria’s Maddy Perez debuted her fierce New Year’s Eve look, you aren’t the only one. Prepare to trade winter hats for ’90s comb headbands. These adaptable, vintage pieces can be worn with slick-back Bella Hadid hair or added volume depending on the vibe you’re going for. 

Products to watch: this 6-pack from Amazon has a variety of styles.

Whether you choose to buy into these spring and summer trends is entirely up to you. Before making any purchases, try to consider how each piece would fit into your existing wardrobe, where you would wear it and how quickly you’ll be tired of it. Happy shopping!

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