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17 Things Mizzou Girls Are Tired of Hearing


We loved the Her Campus main page’s “17 Things College Senior are Sick of Hearing” so much that we decided to make our own spin-off! Even though the school year has just started, collegiettes here at Mizzou are already hearing these timeworn phrases from parents, friends and teachers:

“The water here is gross!”

“The weather is always changing!”

“You’re just going to be a number at Mizzou.”

“Don’t turn into a party girl!”

“Hmm. I might student charge this. (YES!)”

“Did you see the new Clery Release? (HAHAHAH)”

“Would you like to join our organization?”

“You’re in Columbia, MO. There’s nothing to do there!”

“Mizzou is so much harder than you would think!”

“Why did they take the McDonald’s away?”

“I hear there’s going to be a Chic-Fil-A! (REALLY? I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!)”

“Are you going to the game?”

“Are you tailgating this weekend?”

“These textbook prices are too high.”

“What sorority are you in?!”

“There are too many people in the student center…”

“I’m surprised you didn’t flunk out at that party school.”

She's a junior at the University of Missouri - Columbia, studying journalism with a strategic communication emphasis and a business minor. She hopes to be a part of the advertising world soon. She loves reading magazines, watching sports, and hanging out with family and friends.
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