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13 Black-Owned Businesses to Support during Black History Month (and Every Month)

American fashion, music and overall culture has been shaped and formed by Black Americans. Black History Month is a time to remind ourselves of the countless accomplishments of Black Americans that carried us to where we are today. It’s also the perfect time to remind ourselves to support Black-owned businesses! It’s important to do this all year round to aid in closing the racial wealth gap and to strengthen local economies. So, here are a few of the many outstanding Black-owned businesses in mid-Missouri. 

The Cookie Club

Located in Mexico, Mo., this bakery’s goodies range from cookies to cakes to milkshakes. With gluten-free and dairy-free options, almost anyone can find a sweet treat here! This company delivers, ships to your door and allows in-store pick up. Convenient confections, what could be better than that?

 Vintage Collectible Retro

“One-of-a-kind vintage items in Columbia, Mo.” This business customizes shoes, t-shirts, jerseys or any item that you bring in. You can also purchase it from the shop and have it customized. Since vintage is all the rage right now, this is the perfect place for affordable, sustainable fashion.

Go Munchies

This local Columbia delivery service provides you with snacks, beverages and even alcohol. It costs only $1.99 to have your items delivered to you within 30 minutes. Getting Cheez-Its and a Diet Coke without having to leave the comfort of your bed sounds like a pretty good deal.

GoPo Gourmet Popcorn 

This Mom & Pop-corn shop pops off with their gourmet popcorn. You can buy samplers of their many delicious flavors, from “Cookies ‘N’ Cream” to “Snapped Ched,” and have them shipped to your front door. Or, you can go into their shop in Fulton and smell the delicious aromas for yourself.

Evenflow Coffee

This Columbia-based online business merges fashion, music and coffee (three of the best things in life). With unique merch and one of a kind coffee, this company can be anyone’s cup of tea (or coffee). The company carries different blends, all based on different rap albums. Awaken My Love (chocolate hazelnut) is inspired by the Childish Gambino album of the same name. RODEO (cowboy blend) is inspired by Travis Scott’s album, and Man on the Moon (Papua New Guinea) comes from the Kid Cudi album.

The Whitley Company

This Columbia interior design company really knows how to spruce up a place. If you’re looking for someone to help decorate a rundown East Campus house, or if the family you babysit is looking to remodel, this is the company to contact!

Cracked Up Mobile

This mobile device repair shop is located in downtown Columbia, and if you can break it, they can fix it. They typically repair cracked screens (I can’t count the number of times that I’ve needed this service), battery replacement, water damage or broken game consoles. According to their website, most repairs are same day, take 30-60 minutes and don’t even require an appointment! This way, you’ll only miss an hour of IG notifications and TikTok content. 

Plush Lounge

Once COVID-19 stops raging, you can start! This Columbia bar is a guaranteed good night with karaoke, great deals and a stacked menu with both food and drinks. Plush lounge pairs up with Papadoo’s Soul Food and BBQ, serving fried catfish, shrimp, chicken wings and PO’Boy sandwiches every day. 

Xola’s Vegan On-the-Go

This food truck supplies Columbia with meals that taste as good as they look. Not only is Xola’s food delicious and nutritious, but it’s affordable, too. Hold off on your venti iced coffee for one day and save your $6 for their “Chickpea of the Sea Sandwich.” Yep, that’s right, only $6 for a vegan sandwich. 

Ms. Kim’s Fish & Chicken Shack

This comfort food comes from land and sea and gets gobbled up in Fulton, Mo. Catfish, pollock, whiting and even frog legs are cooked to perfection in this kitchen. Hush puppies, mac and cheese and corn fritters (and about 20 other options) accompany Ms. Kim’s tasty fish and chicken.

Mr. Murphy’s Stuffed Potatoes

This food truck travels across mid-Missouri serving stuffed spuds, salads and nachos, all made from scratch. Pick any one of Mr. Murphy’s unique flavors and they’ll turn it into a spud, nacho, or salad! Take your pick: smokey pot roast, nacho average or the mediterranean?

Chrystal L. Hair & Makeup

Got some split ends? Need a makeover? Chrystal specializes in all hair types – straight or curly, full or fine. She uses 100% vegan, gluten and carcinogen free products. Chrystal creates beautiful hairstyles and accentuates her clients’ features with classy, natural makeup. 

Bush’s Catering

This Columbia company meal preps for you! Are you the type of person that hates going to the grocery store? Or, just burns everything, even microwave popcorn? These pre-made meals would be a quick and easy solution to your problems. Bush’s meals are made to order every week with locally sourced foods. Forget those frozen Lean Cuisine meals. After Bush’s fresh chicken parmesan meal, that orange chicken bowl won’t hit the same.

Now, if you’re needing a bag of popcorn, a new phone screen or a makeover, you know the places to go. Find a way to celebrate Black History Month, whether that be by supporting Black-owned businesses or just learning more about Black history in general. If you’re looking for even more options, the city of Columbia has a directory for minority and women-owned businesses. Now, go out there and get to shopping!

Liza is a senior studying Broadcast Journalism and Theatre at the University of Missouri. She's obsessed with dogs, yet has never had one in her life (thanks Mom) and loves all things Musical Theatre.
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