10 Men Who Deserve Sexiest Man Alive Over Blake Shelton

If you keep up with the gossip mags in the slightest, you know that Blake Shelton was named People’s 2017 Sexiest Man Alive — a shock to us all. The 6-foot-5 country guy graced the cover and answered questions about his new album and his two year relationship with Gwen Stefani — also a shock to us all that that has worked out.

I have to give props to the man for his success and for attaining this prestigious title, but we’re all thinking it: why him?! Of ALL the hot men in the fame scene and all the other contenders people were hoping for, why did People decide, “Yep. He’s the one”? Though this title is somewhat pointless and somewhat odd, it means a lot in Hollywood. For this reason, I’ve decided to come up with a list of men who deserved better. Blake Shelton, nothing against you, and hey People, feel free to take any of these suggestions for next year.

Jason Momoa

THE PRINCE WHO WAS PROMISED. I’ll never stop believing he should have the title this year. With Aquaman coming out and with just how cute he and his perfect family with Lisa Bonet is, it was his time to shine. 

Idris Elba 

Another top contender in many people’s books, including mine. This hottie was in a few impressive titles this year like Molly’s Game, The Mountain Between Us and Thor: Ragnarok. Next year he’ll be in the much-anticipated flick Avengers: Infinity War, so maybe then he can snag the title. 

Zac Efron

I was honestly shocked to see he hadn’t won the title yet. I mean, come on, I think it’s safe to say everyone and their mother loves to look at him. This year he starred in the somewhat flop of a film Baywatch, and he’ll soon grace the screen in the new musical that is bound to be my favorite movie of all time, The Greatest Showman. Come on, People, just give it to him. 

4. Bruno Mars

Another man who I think everyone and their mother enjoys listening to and looking at. Bruno is an international icon in the music industry, and with his successful tour wrapping up this year and that flawless complexion, he deserved the title to round off his year. 

Dacre Montgomery

I just learned about this Australian actor after watching Stranger Things 2, where he plays Sam's older brother, Billy. Though he seems like a newcomer to the Hollywood scene, I had to include him on this list after seeing his audition tape (go watch it, you’re welcome).

Rami Malek

I feel like Rami doesn’t get nearly enough praise. He’s played the lead role in the critically acclaimed drama Mr. Robot since 2015, and he’s starring as Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, coming out next year. Maybe then they’ll finally give him the credit he deserves.

Miles Teller

Everybody loves him, and I feel like he’s still coming up and finding himself in the hectic Hollywood world. Nonetheless, he has recently become engaged to longtime girlfriend Keleigh Sperry, and has starred in the powerful film, Thank You for Your Service. I’m not sure if he has any big name films coming out that could make him a frontrunner next year, but we could only hope. 

Harry Styles

It was really Harry’s year: he finally released solo music, he’s starting his first headlining tour, he made his film debut in Dunkirk and he performed at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The only thing missing from this successful line-up? The award of Sexiest Man Alive.

Ryan Gosling

Okay, I am SHOCKED he hasn’t been People’s Sexiest Man Alive yet. I feel like he’s one of the most prestigious hot men in Hollywood, and yet, he still hasn’t received this benchmark of attractiveness. Though his starring role movie Blade Runner 2049 generally underperformed this year, he’s deserved the title more than most.

A$AP Rocky

Honestly I haven’t heard much about him lately besides his chart-topping song with G-Eazy, but I still never forget how hot he is. His style paired with his music make him a top contender in my book. I’m calling it: with his next album, he’ll gain some sort of bigger recognition, and he’ll possibly even earn People’s pick.

So, @People, out of all these men and the many more I could have listed, what made you choose Blake?