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Thoughts You’ve Had Watching this Season of The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Minnesota chapter.

It’s a new year, which means a new season of ABC’s The Bachelor. Whether you love it or hate it, The Bachelor is definitely a guilty pleasure for many. Honestly, I’m not even guilty about it. I look forward to 7:00 on Monday nights far too much. Nick Viall, the bachelor of the 21st season, has been controversial in the past, which will make this *cue Chris Harrison’s voiceover* the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever. There’ll be crying, backstabbing, wine drinking, and yes, maybe even a little love. Here are some things you’ve definitely thought while watching The Bachelor:

Ugh, it’s Monday. Wait… not just a normal Monday, it’s Bachelor Monday.


How awkward is it for The Bachelor to be filmed while seductively taking a shower?

Probably really awkward….

Why do they always look longingly at the sunset for extended periods of time?

I need to tour The Bachelor mansion.

Chris Harrison has looked the exact same since 2002.

Seriously, Chris Harrison is just the best.

Someone please tell me who told this girl it was a good idea to show up to the first cocktail party in a shark (dolphin?) costume.

Cringe. Cringe. Cringe. Cringe. Cringe.

Okay, no girl looks that good while they’re still in their pajamas.

Pretty sure it would be terrifying to walk into a room with 25 screaming women.

How are they ALL in love with him already????

Oh, she’s a keeper.

Cute dress.

Cute shoes.

Cute hair.

Seriously, how does her hair STILL look good? They just drove down the Californian coast in a convertible. My hair would be a bird’s nest.

I’m just not surprised at all that she got naked on the first group date.

Wait, which blonde one is that?

Is this one Jessica M. or Jessica L.?

Oh no, the girl who always cries is crying again.

Oh no she didn’t.

Where do they get all that alcohol from??

More wine, more wine, more wine.

Oh yes, the blonde I like is going on the one-on-one.

He’s picking her up in a helicopter ughhhhhhhh.

I should apply for this show. How do I apply for this show? (Go to https://casting.bachelor.warnerbros.com/apply.html in case you’re actually considering it.)

He’s made out with 7 of the girls on this group date already.

Chris Harrison, DO NOT act surprised that she has a boyfriend back home.

This girl is letting the wine talk for her, and it’s not going well.


Don’t act like this is a hard decision for you. I could tell you exactly who to pick.

Ohhhhh Lauren is mad that she didn’t get the first rose.

Oh my gosh, stop looking so upset! There are 13 roses left!

Whyyyyy did he give one to her? Why didn’t he listen to me?

This is going to ruin my fantasy Bachelor bracket.

Here come the tears. And the screaming.

Stop crying, you didn’t even know the guy. Plus you were just one of his 17 girlfriends.

Ahh, the champagne toast. I want a champagne toast.

*Next week on The Bachelor* YESSSSSS.

Get ready for another crazy season, Bachelor Nation!

Natalee is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Despite being a girl from Green Bay in Vikings territory, she loves her Minnesota home.