Serengetee: Saving the World One Pattern at a Time

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Do you love helping the world while also being fashionable at the same time? Do you support causes such as animal rights, clean water and education? If you do, check out the brand Serengetee!

The brand started in 2012 when two college students studied abroad and began collecting different fabrics from countries in Africa, Asia and Central America. From there they began creating pocket tees using the fabrics they collected and sold them in their dorms. They have since grown and have all of their products sewn in Los Angeles. They have fabrics from over 25 countries and 10% of every sale goes to support a variety of causes such as the ones listed above and more.

Pocket tees aren’t your thing? Don’t worry, they sell way more than that. Some examples of other things they sell are bags, such as backpacks and laptop cases, headwear, such as headbands and beanies, accessories, such as bracelets and camera straps and other clothing such as tank tops, crop tops and sweatshirts. Their idea is rooted in wearing the world. Each fabric has a different story because it’s from a variety of countries and artisans, so when you wear something from Serengetee you’re truly wearing the world. Also, if you post a picture of yourself wearing something of theirs in a cool place and tag them in your picture, you have the opportunity to be featured on one of their social media accounts!

Another fun aspect of Serengetee is the fact that they have opportunities for students, both high school and college, to become campus representatives. This semester I became a rep and it has been such a valuable experience. I’ve learned so much about this up and coming brand, I’ve met so many new people and it’s amazing to know I’m supporting so many causes with my purchases and sales. There are a variety of challenges and things us reps can complete to win points to redeem for free Serengetee things at the end of the semester. Some things we do are landmark pictures where we post photos wearing Serengetee near a popular spot at our school, video challenges where we take a video doing something we love in Serengetee, and more. In addition, we get a rep package at the beginning of the semester with a shirt of our choice and a bunch of other free stuff. We also have discount codes we can give to our friends and family so they can get 15% off purchases. (Side note: my discount code is Monday15 ;)) Sound interesting? Visit their website to apply for next semester!

If you’re passionate about helping the world and wearing cute clothes, I highly recommend you check out this brand! With their cute styles and support of different causes I guarantee you won’t regret it. Visit their Instagram or Twitter today @serengetee.