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One Busy Barista: Anna Vitale

Anna Vitale is a sophomore studying Global Studies and double minoring in Applied Economics and Spanish Studies from Woodbury, Minn. She’s not totally sure what she wants to do career-wise yet, but her dream job is to be the female version of Anthony Bourdain so she can get paid to travel the world and eat amazing food. Spending time with friends on Northrop Mall is her favorite pastime along with Gopher Game Days in the fall. When Anna isn’t working out at the Rec, in class or volunteering at Andersen United Community School, you can find her behind the counter at Bordertown Coffee. Anna has been a barista for two years and has the stories to prove it. From ridiculous orders to insane rush hours, this girl knows coffee like you wouldn’t believe.

Q: What’s your Coffee Order?

A: Cold press with hazelnut.

Q: Favorite part of being a barista?

A: Not many people really know where or what Bordertown is, which, in my opinion, is part of the charm and uniqueness of the place. This allows me and my coworkers to get to know all of our customers really well because the ones that do come in, come everyday and sometimes even multiple times a day.

Q: Least favorite part of being a barista?

A: When people order like they’re at Starbucks. Your idea of a macchiato and my idea of a macchiato are completely different. Not to mention I don’t know what a “grande” size is.  

Q: Favorite order to make?

A: Cappuccinos because you have to steam the foam perfectly otherwise it looks and tastes bad.

Q: Any fun facts about Bordertown, life as a barista or coffee?

A: It was an old Frat house in the ‘90s that got shut down. The house was acquired by the University but an entrepreneur fought for it, renovated it and turned it into a coffee shop and residential house. It was named Bordertown Coffee because it aims to bring people of all facets of life together by the simplicity of a cup coffee. Also all of the baked goods and food are homemade! Everything is made in a little four-foot kitchen with two tiny ovens.

Q: What do you like most about Bordertown?

A: It’s a lovely, homey place to study, have meetings, read a book or just hang out with friends.

Between school, three jobs, volunteering and having a social life, it’s hard to believe one person maintain their sanity. Anna’s role models are her parents who she describes as her biggest cheerleaders and advocates. With help from her friends and family, this barista hasn’t let anything stop her from accomplishing everything she wants to in life. The best advice Anna has ever received? From the one and only Michael Scott himself: K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid.

Burritos. Puppies. Future teacher. That's basically it.
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