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Not All Trump Supporters

In the wake of the election, Trump supporters have been busy at work trying to ensure that people know that they aren’t as terrible as they’re made out to be. They’re plagued with the task of defending their choice to vote for Donald Trump, pleading that they aren’t as vile as the man they elected. Of course not all Trump supporters are as dreadful as their candidate, but every single one played a role in perpetuating the negative impact Trump will have on so many people.

Not all Trump supporters are racist but every Trump supporter voted for someone who has perpetuated racism through his entire campaign.

Visit the link. Enough said. 

Not all Trump supporters are sexist, but every Trump supporter voted for a man who has degraded women for years.

The overwhelming evidence that Trump is anti-woman is hard to ignore. Whether it’s rape accusations,  incestuous comments, or that we shouldn’t go to the bathroom, he carries no respect for women.

Not all Trump supporters hate folks with disabilities, but every Trump supporter watched him make fun of a disabled reporter and didn’t bat an eye.

He also has a disappointing record with the American’s with Disabilities Act, being sued multiple times for violations.

Not all Trump supporters are xenophobic, but every Trump supporter supported the Build a Wall campaign.

Supporting a campaign that’s main objective is to keep people from other countries away is sort of the definition of xenophobic.

Not all Trump supporters hate gay people but they did vote for a vice president that has the most anti-LGBT history the White House has ever seen.

Some voted for him because of his foreign policy, even though he doesn’t actually have any experience.

Neither does his Chief of Foreign Policy. Their lack of experience is expected to create major instability.

Some voted for him because of his ‘success’ as a business man, even though he started out with a  ‘small million-dollar loan.’

He also has declared bankruptcy six times, and saved billions of dollars avoiding taxes because he’s ‘smart.’

Some voted for him because of his promises to help the working class, even though most of his plans would actually hurt working-class Americans.

That’s a real bummer, isn’t it?

Every Trump supporter has to accept the fact that they voted for the same man as the KKK.

Not only did the KKK vote for him, they held a parade when he won. Yikes.

Every Trump supporter has to take responsibility for what will happen to this country and the people in it for the next four years.

So before you claim that you aren’t like the rest of the Trump voters, understand that you don’t get to pick and choose. A vote for him was a vote for all of the vile things that come with him. I find it difficult to empathize with you when your biggest concern is being labeled a racist, but mine is staying alive.

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