How to Decorate Your Dorm for Halloween on a Budget

Halloween’s approaching, which means it’s time for candy, costumes and cute dorm/apartment decor! However, since most of us are living on a college student budget, it’s hard to find decorations that look good and fit in our price range. Lucky for you, I've found adorable, yet affordable, decorations that’ll look good in every dorm!

Cotton Cobwebs: $3

You can never go wrong with fake spider webs to hang on your door, window or wall. Target has some for only $3! and you can order them online to send to the Target Express in Dinkytown for free! Fake spider webs are the perfect Halloween decoration because they’re cheap, easy to set up, and look great!

Tissue Ghosts: $2

An easy DIY craft is tissue ghosts! They take almost no time to make, anyone can do them, and they end up looking super cute, too. You can find multiple ways to make these and all you need is tissue, string, suckers, and a pen or marker! These look good either hung up to make a cute garland or just taped to your wall or door.

Chalkboards: $12

Most students already have a whiteboard or a chalkboard, so an easy way to prepare for the holiday is to decorate that! There’s a wide variety of things you can draw; if you’re not good at art like I am, you can opt for just writing a creative saying like “Witches Only” or simply “Happy Halloween.” If you were  blessed with artistic talent, you can try taking it to the next level by adding pictures or other designs, like main characters from THE scary movies of the season. (Anyone think they can draw Pennywise?)

Window Clings: $2

Target also has a ton of gel clings in fun Halloween themes that you can stick to your window or mirrors. These subtle decorations are perfect to get anyone in the Halloween mood and a lot of the options are adorable, too!  

Wine Glasses: $2

These aren’t really a decoration but in my opinion they’re a Halloween must-have. Halloween themed wine glasses are absolutely adorable. Whether you use them as decor or for your drink of choice, these glasses will definitely improve your Halloween.

Lights: Less than $15

Continuing with my obsession with Target, they also have Halloween themed lights. I currently have a string of pumpkin lights hanging under my lofted bed in my dorm right now. They offer a variety of themed lights ranging from ghosts to pumpkins to skeletons, and they’re all under $15. They also offer fun LED lights in Halloween colors such as orange, purple and green. You can get the pumpkin lights similar to these here for $5 or my personal favorite skeleton lights here for $12.

Get a Pumpkin From the Local Farmers Market! 

They won't be expensive, and the pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes! You can put a small one on your window sill, or maybe rent the dorm kitchen for a night and carve a bigger one and put battery operated tea candles inside! Pumpkins are so cute and are sure to make your space feel like fall for sure. 

DIYs on Pinterest: Vary in Price

If you’re into DIY crafts, check out Pinterest for a ton of Halloween themed ideas! If you have black paper, you can cut out bats or spiders and tape them around your room. Some of my favorites are the mason jar projects, and thankfully, stores like Target and Walmart sell mason jars in bulk for about $8, so these decorations don’t cost too much to make. One craft you can do is wrap toilet paper around a mason jar and put a light inside to make a mummy jar. You can also draw designs in Sharpie on the jars and put a light inside to make cool lanterns. These are all fun to make with your friends and look amazing when they’re done!

Halloween is a great time to showcase your creative side and now with these cheap decorating ideas you can! With these decorations you can affordably make your dorm room more festive. Happy Halloween!