The End of the Semester as Told by Broad City

The end of fall semester can be grueling. Between finals and the cold weather, it can seem like not much else could be worse. There may be nothing funny about the end of fall semester, but at least when Ilana and Abby share you pain they can make you smile!

You’ve been in this class since September and it’s now December. When you’re already crabby and freezing, the last thing you need to see is that annoying kid sitting in your seat. No, we don’t have assigned seats, but I’ve sat there all semester. Don’t you dare test me!!!

You’re probably passionate about your major, and that’s wonderful! But when your professor expects you to know the nittiest, grittiest information about the topics you discuss in class, it can be hard to stay interested. As you consider dropping out just for the sake of avoiding the exam, just remember you’ll thank your prof someday (someday just really far from right now).

It’s the last week of exams and although you might feel prepared, you haven’t left your apartment in what feels like months. The sun is your enemy, and fresh air is poisonous. Becoming a hermit will hopefully be worth it when you ace that last final.


You did it! You have completed your finals and you’re officially on winter break. Walking out of your final exam classroom seems to lift 50 pounds off your shoulders, now go strut out of here and straight into bed for hibernation.

Studying for finals drained you of your undivided attention for the last two or more weeks, so your party game has seriously been lacking. Now that you’re off the hook treat yourself! Party the night away, just don’t forget your grandma and grandpa are coming in town for the holidays tomorrow…

It’s so nice to be home for the holidays, but it’s not long before you remember why you don’t live with your parents anymore. The moment they ask you what time you’ll be home or start to nag you about where you’re going, and with whom, you’ve had enough. We live on our own the majority of the year and manage to survive for goodness sake.

When you get a break during family time, a great thing about the end of the semester is that your friends from high school and back home are all back in town. It’s nice to get a break from the usual school crowd and catch up with that old fling!

Yes, we know, Christmas is about giving, not being greedy. That being said, we truly appreciate that $20, Grandma. Considering what most of us college kids have been living on during this past semester, your gift basically makes us feel like Bill Gates.

Although it’s tough to even think about starting a new semester, when it seems like this one just ended, remember that you’re a QUEEN, as Ilana would say, and you’re going to kick butt next semester.