A Collegiette's Unofficial Guide to Surviving Being Home for the Holidays

Although the holidays are a time to be happy and spend time with family, they can also be stress-inducing. Between feeling interrogated by your great aunt, or being in charge of the kid’s table, it can be hard to come back to a place with different rules and be constantly “on” around so many people, . Of course it’s great for the most part, but here are some tips on how to survive being home for the holidays!

Stay calm.

It won’t take long to remember why you left for college in the first place when you return home for the holidays. Large family gatherings are fun until you’ve been bombarded by the same relationship questions fifty times. Or maybe, you’re sick of getting asked what your major is after the same person has asked three times. Just take a deep breath and answer the questions. It may be annoying, but it’s better than being in class!

Keep conversation light.

It’s probably safe to say that in most families there are members with opposing views. In light of the recent election, you may want to keep to the conversations on your relationship status rather than politics. Some families love talking about that stuff, but at least at my house, I like to keep it light!

Take time for yourself.

Spending time with family is great, but remember that it’s okay to want some alone time. Take some time to read a book by yourself or take a bubble bath. It’s easy to become overwhelmed while being home for the holidays, and taking some time for yourself is a must.

Watch the alcohol consumption.

It’s nice to have wine with dinner, just don’t overdo it, or it can get awkward. It’s bad enough if you have that aunt that gets drunk every year, but a few too many glasses of wine, and you could be the butt of the joke for holidays to come.

Eat well.

It’s the holidays for goodness sake! Skip the diet and pass the stretchy pants because we’re eating good for free. When I get back to my apartment, it’s Lean Cuisines and PB&J’s everyday, so I’m going to enjoy myself while I can. Bring on the seconds!

In all, take time to appreciate the end of the semester and the chance to lay low with family and friends. At times, you may get sick of them, but just think about having to start a whole new semester in a couple weeks, and you’ll be happy you’re home again!