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Celebrity Twitter Accounts to Follow ASAP

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Minnesota chapter.


Twitter has proven to be a great way to keep up with the daily lives of friends, businesses and even celebrities. Some celebs have hundreds of thousands of followers, and their accounts strive to go beyond the average everyday tweet in order to showcase their personality and values. Here are some celebrity twitter accounts that will definitely brighten up your day!

Lin Manuel Miranda

From a good morning tweet in the beginning of the day to a good night tweet at the end, this Broadway will never fail to make you smile.

Rainn Wilson


Stephen Colbert

Because him and Nick Kroll starting #PuberMe to aid the Puerto Rico Relief fund is the best thing ever.

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool being the father of the year.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is truly my spirit animal.

Jimmy Fallon

Where would we be without all of Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag contests?

Mindy Kaling

If not already apparent from The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling is fabulous and amazing.

Amy Schumer

Not only is she hilarious, but Amy Schumer is also a body-positive role model for all women.

Anna Kendrick

She may be small, but her sense of humor isn’t.

Emma Watson

She can act, sing, and is an ambassador for UN Women. Emma Watson is the real life Hermione Granger.

Lady Gaga

Not only is Lady Gaga and amazing singer, but is an advocate for sexual assault awareness as well as for gender equality.


Happy tweeting, Gophers!

Lindsey Januszyk

Minnesota '20

Lindsey is a writer as well as Assistant Editor for Her Campus Minnesota. She is a third year double major in Child Psychology and English with a minor in Youth Studies. She loves running, listening to podcasts, and binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu. 
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