The Best Shows and Movies to Binge Watch This Semester

This semester is well under way which can only mean two things: our initial burst of motivation is gone and we’re looking for new distractions. Thankfully, Netflix and HBO GO exist so us college students can procrastinate as much as we want. If you didn’t already know, us University of Minnesota students get free HBO GO with our U logins if you live on campus. Also, Netflix just recently added a bunch of new shows and movies. Here are some of the best shows and movies you absolutely need to watch this semester.


If you aren’t addicted to Netflix’s Shameless, you’re doing it wrong. I didn’t believe all the hype until I watched it myself; now I’m hooked. PSA: don’t start it when you have a paper coming up, because once you start you can’t stop.

Magic Mike

MAGIC MIKE IS ON NETFLIX NOW! You heard that right. If you love watching Channing Tatum dance on stage, you’re in luck because now you can watch him whenever and wherever you want. Grab your girlfriends (your boy friends might not appreciate it as much), get some wine and enjoy.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory is ALSO on Netflix now! Since most of us were kids when Finding Nemo came out, this movie lets us relive our childhood. Also, Ellen Degeneres is the voice of Dory and honestly, who doesn’t love Ellen?

New Girl

New Girl has been on Netflix for awhile, but it’s still amazing. It sounds like it’s a girly show, but I have guy friends who love it, too. It’s funny, it’s creative, it’s basically everything you could ask for in a TV show. Warning: you will laugh out loud while watching this show, so be careful watching it in public.


If you haven’t seen Deadpool yet I highly recommend it. It came out a year ago and now it’s on HBO GO. It’s the perfect mix of humor and action and it’s the perfect movie to watch with a group. If that hasn’t convinced you to watch it, this will: Ryan Reynolds is shirtless multiple times throughout it.

Stranger Things

There’s only one season on Netflix right now, but people are already freaking out about it. It’s a Netflix original thriller that’s also highly addictive. If you’ve already seen it, don’t worry because season two is coming this October.


Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hands down one of the funniest duos around which you can see in the movie Sisters on HBO GO. It’s funny, original, and all around a great movie. I definitely recommend watching it with your sisters (whether they’re your real sisters or your sorority ones).

These are just a small sampling of the wide variety of shows and movies Netflix and HBO GO offer that are prime for binge watching. Grab your popcorn, your friends, and procrastinate away!