7 Thoughts You Have The First Time You Use a Diva Cup

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Diva Cups are the new, trendy feminine hygiene product that everyone should get on board with. It doesn’t dry out your lady parts the way a tampon does, and it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting in your own filthy diaper the way a pad does. It’s a soft, silicone cup that sits in the base of your vagina that can stay in for a whole day! (Shout out to my fellow heavy flow vagina-havers!) Some of us who get periods have chosen to take the plunge into menstrual cup world, and wow, it’s a beautiful place to be. Here are seven thoughts you’ll have the first time you use your Diva Cup.

1.You’ll be intimidated by the size of the Diva Cup, and question how that’s going to fit *in there.*

There are two sizes: one for those who haven’t had children and those who have. Make sure you’re buying the right size! It looks large and scary to some, but rest assured that it doesn’t feel at all like you’ve shoved a plugged, plastic funnel in there.

2. You’ll be nervous reading the instructions that you aren’t going to get it right.

Remember the first time you tried putting a tampon in? Have you heard the horror stories? If you’re a pro at periods by now, the terror you had figuring out the contraption that is tampon applicators might not be as fresh. Try to recall that feeling, and remember how much of a pro you are now. Just like tampons, it’ll take practice, and just like tampons, you’ll master the art of it in no time.

3. You might be slightly nervous to put your hand that close to your bleeding vagina.

This one’s difficult. Society and patriarchy has taught people who get periods to be ashamed of them--to keep them a secret. We’re almost taught to be ashamed of our vaginas, and even if you actively work against it, if you and your happy valley don’t know each other very well, getting used to a Diva Cup might be more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Even if you have a very close relationship, it still might be intimidating. Either way, use the Diva Cup as your own personal “F*ck You” to societal norms. Use your Diva Cup and use it proudly. After all, you’re basically pampering your vagina with all of the health benefits of the Diva Cup.

4. You’ll feel slightly cringey the first time the Diva Cup unfolds in your vagina.

It feels a little like someone is knocking on the walls of your fancy bit, but only for a second. Because the cup is meant to create a seal in your vagina to prevent leaks, you have to make sure the weird “knocking” sensation happens. In order to prevent leaks and being startled by the feeling at first, twist the cup in your body when it’s inserted. This allows the cup to slowly unfold, making for less of a weird feeling.

5. You’ll imagine the horror that could happen when you decide to empty your Diva Cup.

This is the biggest question I get asked. “Aren’t you gonna spill it everywhere? Isn’t it gonna be disgusting?” No! You’ll be surprised at how little blood is in the cup when you empty it, and how surprisingly clean you’ll feel using it. If you’re worried, empty it in the shower.

6. You’ll forget you’re on your period.

The nice thing about the Diva cup, when used correctly, is that there are no leaks, no dryness, and no need to change it for a full 12 hours! That’s right, my heavy-flowing friends! You don’t have to deal with the new stain in your underwear a few hours later telling you it’s time to change your tampon already. You can also sleep through the whole night without worrying about leaks and stains in the middle of the night!

7. You’ll feel excited to have your period again.

As a college student on a budget, it’s such a beautiful thought that I won’t have to buy another two boxes of tampons next month when my period starts again. I just have to clean the Diva Cup, store it in its adorable drawstring bag it comes with, and keep it in a fresh place until leak week comes again. (Tip: Don’t keep your Diva Cup in the same drawer as things with strong scents. Your Diva Cup will smell like incense, and you’ll be scared to put that anywhere near Mount Pleasant.)

Periods are incredibly difficult for some, be it dryness, the cost of feminine hygiene products,  heavy flows, a thrown-off pH balance, or feeling unclean. Diva Cups aren’t for everyone, but if you’re like me, another excuse to pamper myself is enough of a reason for me. Next time Aunt Flo comes to visit, head to Whole Foods to get a Diva Cup and a pint of Halo Top ice cream. You deserve it.