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21 GIFs That Might Have Been You During Spring Jam

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Minnesota chapter.


Spring Jam might be the only thing that breaks up the seemingly endless stretch of school between Spring Break and summer vacation. The weather is finally above freezing, the sun is out, and most of our midterms have finally passed, which calls for a fun day outside hanging with friends and jamming at a concert. We all know that Spring Jam was not as glamorous as it sounds, so just as a reminder that we’re all in this together, here are a few ways that made Spring Jam such a wild ride:

1. You might’ve made the mistake of going too hard on Friday, so getting out of bed on Saturday was quite the struggle.

2. But you finally decided to get ready, and you put your best “the weather is finally over 60 degrees” outfit on.

3. Then you and your friends made sure to take pictures in all of your cute outfits before the day got the best of you.

4. Then pre-gaming the pre-game commenced. Obviously. 

5. When you were trying to get your squad out of the house to the darty, but it’s like herding a group of small children.

6. Then passing people you know on the street while you’re on your way.

7. And finally getting to your pre-game destination.

9. When you saw people you know, so you ran over to talk to them, but as soon as you turned around you realized you lost your squad.

10. When you found your squad.

11. Then you might have started debating if it’s worth it to go to the concert because you’re having too much fun at the pregame.

12. This next part was a little blurry.

13. But you made it to Spring Jam!!!

14. And you and your bestie hopped on the Ferris Wheel.

15. And then realizing the concert was actually starting (You NEEDED to see Jon Bellion’s glorious beard up close).

16. Then all of your killer dance moves come out right.

17. And by the time the A$AP Ferg came on you lost about two thirds of your group, but you had a great spot.

19. The concert ended, and the time to make the long, crowded trek to the after parties rolled around like:

20. But you were barely able to keep your eyes open when you were out.

21. But you finally made it home safe (and you probably fell asleep in your clothes).

Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe Spring Jam! Until next year!

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