17 Things to do Instead of Texting Him Back

So he texted you again, and you know it’s in your best interest to not respond. Maybe he’s looking to hang out (so he can flake again), maybe he’s looking for a booty call (per usual), or maybe he’s apologizing (for the 10th time). No matter the reason, here are some ways to keep yourself from texting him back.

  1. Text your mom. I bet she’d be way more excited to hear from you than he would.

  2. Take the trash out, because you probably should have yesterday.

  3. Finish that assignment.

  4. Study for that test you have… in three weeks… because there’s nothing wrong with getting a head start!

  5. Fold your laundry. Wrinkly clothes aren’t cute.

  6. Put on a facemask. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

  7. Or even make your own facemask! Check out these quick and easy recipes.

  8. Get some exercise. Keep that bod in tip-top shape so he knows what he’s missing the next time you run into him.

  9. Meal prep. Eating healthy + saving money = always a good idea.

  10. Dust the furniture in your room. It’s probably been months since you have, and there’s nothing like a clean-smelling bedroom.

  11. Paint your nails. Texting is too difficult with wet nails.

  12. Read. Start that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand forever, update yourself on current events in the news, or binge on Her Campus Minnesota articles.

  13. Take a bubble bath. Because who doesn’t love bubble baths?

  14. Share a bottle of wine with a girlfriend and talk sh*t about him.

  15. Organize your closet. Find clothes you don’t wear anymore and donate them to organizations like The Salvation Army or The Tubman Center.

  16. Take a break from your phone. When was the last time you went more than an hour without your phone within arm’s reach?

  17. Nap. Wake up feeling refreshed and not thinking about him.

Hopefully you’ve found a way to distract yourself. Stay strong, gophers!