15 Gifts Under $15

The holiday season is a fun time because it entails spending time with family, eating delicious food and giving and receiving gifts. However, shopping for gifts for your family and friends can be a difficult task while living on a college budget. Thankfully, I’ve looked around and found 15 of the best gifts for under $15 to hopefully make your holiday shopping easier.

1. Fuzzy blanket: $14.99

Everyone appreciates a fuzzy blanket, especially during cold winters like the ones we experience at the University of Minnesota. This would be a perfect gift for anybody and you can find one here in seven different colors.

2. Books: $7-15

Books are a great gift because there’s one for everyone. If you need ideas for what books to buy, check out our article here on some must reads for collegiettes.

3. Scarves: $3-15

One of my favorite go-to gifts for women in my life is scarves. They come in a variety of styles and colors and look good on anyone. Although you can buy them at almost any clothing store, I like to buy them at Walmart because they have abundance of styles all for under $15.

4. Plants: $1-10

Plants are often used as decoration and can make your living space look more lively, especially during the winter. I recommend an aloe plant because it’s cheap, decorative and useful. You can read all about why it would be the perfect present in our article here.

5. Fuzzy socks: $3

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like fuzzy socks. They’re fun, colorful and are basically blankets for your feet. They come in a variety of colors and can be bought at a wide variety of stores but you can find them here at Target.

6. Coffee mug: $5-$15

Whether it’s being used for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, a mug is a perfect gift. They’re useful and can be fun and decorative. If you want to be super creative, you can put a plant in a mug. You can find an array of styles here.

7. Phone case: $5-$15

In this day and age, everyone has a phone, so buying someone a phone case as a present is pretty common. Amazon has many options for cheap yet fun cases that’ll fit on anyone’s phone.

8. Wine glasses: $2

This is a perfect gift for anyone who’s 21 or over. They come with different fun designs or you can buy them plain so they can be painted. Here is one option of wine glasses that can double as a drinking utensil or decoration.

9. Picture frames: $2

Picture frames are another good gift option because most people have pictures lying around that they’d love to hang up. Or, if you’re good friends with the person you’re buying the gift for, you can give them a framed picture of the two of you. Here is a cheap option for a picture frame that anyone could use.

10. Games: $10

This is a pretty broad option because what kind of game you buy will depend on who you’re buying it for. If you’re buying for a college student, I definitely recommend Cards Against Humanity. It’s a hilarious card game that’ll make any get together more fun. You can get it here.

11. Shot glasses: $1-$15

I think almost any college student will agree with me that shot glasses would make an awesome present. With these options, whoever receives them will be the life of the party.

12. Bath bombs: $5-$8

Bath bombs are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys baths. There are many options because there are different colors, scents and shapes. You can buy them from Lush here all for under $15.

13. Movies: $5

Although there are services such as Netflix and HBO GO, it’s always nice to have actual DVDs. Walmart and Target both have whole sections dedicated to movies under $5 and if you include popcorn and other snacks you can make a whole movie box set.

14. Candles: $5

Candles are another gift that anyone would appreciate. They’re cheap, having many different scent options, and can be used for decoration or convenience. Here is one option from Walmart.

15. Gift cards: $5-$15

Still not loving any of these options? Trust me, gift cards are always an easy way out. Gift cards to Target, Starbucks, Walmart or basically any restaurant are sure to satisfy whoever you’re buying for.

Hopefully this list gave you more options for inexpensive holiday gifts this season. Happy shopping!